MAHRP to host Ron Kaufman in Maldives

Maldives Association of HR Professionals (MAHRP) has announced plans to host a special event with Ron Kaufman, popularly known as the world’s leading authority in uplifting service and care.

The event will take place on September 4, from 9am to 4p, at the Maldives National University main auditorium.

The event is open to the public. Participants are required to register for this event through the registration link provided.

MAHRP said the purpose of the programme includes raising awareness on the idea of service and care, and understanding the role of leadership and the individual roles in harnessing the power of care in an ever-changing world. Ron Kaufman will deliver brand new content which he has not yet shared publicly with any mass audience.

Commenting on the event, Ron Kaufman stated: “Looking forward to being with you all in the Maldives for this first-ever world premiere of ‘Leaders Who Care’. What a terrific group and wonderful place to launch new ideas – MAHRP.”

MAHRP President Hussain Afeef added: “We are excited to have Ron Kaufman back to the Maldives, meet our audience, and share his new findings on the topic of ‘Leaders Who Care’. We hope to fill the audience and provide an opportunity to everyone attending a way to rethink how we develop and create a culture at our workplaces. In addition, Ron will share world-class best practices and ideas on how to put service and care at the top of everything we do in our organisations”.

This is the second event by MAHRP where Ron Kaufman will be the thought leader. In 2018, MAHRP presented Ron Kaufman with a full house on the topic of Uplifting Service Culture.

MAHRP has planned several other activities for the rest of the year. This includes the upcoming Learning and Development Conference, scheduled for October 22. The full-day event titled is “Creating an Active Learning Organization”. MAHRP will open for registration in early September for this event. In addition, MAHRP will conduct its regular monthly HR Best Practice Share and Knowledge Share event, plus a career guidance programme for schools in partnership with MATI.

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