Hei Events introduces virtual expo platform

Hei Events has introduced a virtual expo platform, allowing expos, conferences, exhibitions and conventions to be conducted virtually.

For organisers, the platform allows them to set up a virtual event corridor where the attendees can come online and set-up attendee profiles, access open sessions, visit exhibitor booth, conduct B2B meetings, give presentations and market their product or service by hosting videos, product collaterals, and other details.

While most online event platforms are basically webinars, Hei Events’ unique proposition has the ability to have several interactions just like at real-life exhibitions and fairs. This platform is designed with the aim to take the entire experience of an exhibition online and making it easy and cost effective for event organisers to switch from physical to virtual.

The major advantage for MICE organisers will be the cost. With Hei Events, the cost will be more than 10 times lower with much effective results. MICE organisers will have thousands of visitor and attendee profiles to market their exhibitions with a single click saving their time and effort on marketing activities.

The first major virtual exhibition that will be held on this platform will be TTM Maldives 2020, Maldives leading international travel trade show. The event will take place from November 25-26.

Hei Events is a total event solutions studio by Orca Media Group, a leading media and marketing company in Maldives.

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