Veligandu Island Resort: where even the sun comes to recuperate

By Hamza Khaleel

Maldives Promotion House – In the traditional Maldivian language of Dhivehi, the word “Veligandu” means gathered sand or sand dune. In the pretext of Veligandu Island Resort it signifies the white sandy, elongated beach of the island resort. Veligandu is a picturesque example of natural island beauty of Maldives, that is not rivaled anywhere  else in the world.

The moment you take off from the seaplane at the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, the aerial sights of Maldivian islands greet you. After the 15 minute ride your plane sets down at the floating dock of  Veligandu. 

Walking along the jetty and towards the front office you cannot but notice the white sandy beaches stretching across, with crystal clear waters pampering it, with gentle waves. When you get to the reception, it is a cozy traditional roofed counter where the staff are extremely well spoken and warm. The rooms of your choice from Beach Side rooms to Water Villas to Jacuzzi Water Villas are available for your choosing.

The resort of  Veligandu has the most laid back and relaxing environment that one would dream of sitting in a busy office, somewhere in the western hemisphere. The coconut palms and beach side greenery surrounds the, lean but long, island of Veligandu. Since the island is so narrow, the gentle sounds of breaking waves can always be heard in the background, where ever you are on the island. Maldives is proud to boast warm sunny weather (except for monsoon season) through out the year, hence Veligandu offers you sunny sunbaths, wonderful snorkeling,exciting scuba diving, adrenaline pumping water sports and just laziness, simply lying on the beach experience; for the busybodies on holiday.

The sports and recreational facilities of Veligandu are more than adequate to fill up your day with some outdoor or indoor games activities. The indoor games room offers pool, Foosball, table tennis and much more. If you wish to do a little shopping for friends and family, there is a small gift shop that offers a wide range of traditional handicrafts, jewelery, ornaments and the odd gifts.

On the island of  Veligandu you simply cannot complete the relaxation experience unless you have been to the Spa. The Spa has 5 treatment rooms that over look the vast ocean and a sauna and shower facilities. The treatment rooms offer the choice of enjoying it with your partner and spouse or all by yourself, if that is what you desire. The body heals not with the oils and the gentle massaging techniques of the professionals alone, but also with the site of nature and the tranquility the island offers.

The resort also has a lovely swimming pool located on the beach on the east end of the island, along with a  kids pool nearby. If the salt water is too much or if you simply wish to lie in the sun with a drink at hand the poolside offers deck chairs and sun beds. It is the ideal place to read that favorite book you just had not had time for.

Veligandu is located in the North Ari atoll of Maldives,which has some of the best scuba dive spots to offer. An hour and half away, is the famous “Maya Thila”, which hosts hammerhead sharks during certain periods of the year. Diving might not be for everyone but anyone with basic swimming skills, with snorkeling gear on, can enjoy a lovely afternoon splattering across the house reef watching diverse  species of mysterious fish and colorful coral gardens.

For the full-board guests (which most guests prefer) breakfast lunch and dinner is laid out in the main restaurant on the eastern beach of the island. The restaurant overlooks the main swimming pool and gazes into the distant horizon. Guests are served tables on a first come first serve basis, so that the early bird, can get a closer view to the ocean or sit in the sun beside the pool. The food on Veligandu is quite reminiscent of a larger establishment, and the menu more diverse than the average resort. Enjoying your favorite drink at the bar that overlooks the long stretching southern sandy tail of the island with the sun setting, one can easily immerse in the depth of relaxation. At night there is crab racing where you can succumb to your chances to win a free drink by guessing the winning crab or sit at the bar enjoying soothing music or simply sit by the pool and count the endless stars.

The beautiful island of  Veligandu definitely is great value for money. While it might not be the upper class luxury resort, what it does offer, is the natural beauty of Maldives, served with the cultural traditions of good hospitality and wonderful memories of a life time. The dedication of the management, to service the rooms and facilities regularly is key for  Veligandu to always guarantee the perfect room for the guest.  Veligandu offers a taste of warmth and hospitality with affordable prices and a simplistic but natural approach, that is signature to the Maldivian island resort, leisure experience.

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