Month of merriments at Fushifaru Maldives

July marks two of the most anticipated commemorations in the Maldives comprising of Eid al-Adha and the Independence Day, presenting the people of the Maldives with multiple occasions to rejoice and celebrate.

As part of the brand statement of the resort, Fushifaru prides itself as a home to authentic Maldivian experiences.

All the guests at Fushifaru had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich and inimitable local culture by experiencing the exuberant and joyous traditional festivities carried out as part of Eid and Independence Day celebrations.

Eid celebrations

July 20 was Eid al-Adha, also referred to as ‘Bodu Eid’ by Maldivians. All the residents of Fushifaru and guests gathered at the beach in the afternoon to witness the exhilarating performance of ‘Bileh Dhafi Negun’ which certainly was one of the draw cards of the day.

It was followed by a carnival of colours, music, and dancing, providing guests a glimpse of the beautiful local culture and how Eid is celebrated in some of the local islands of the Maldives.

This event was broadcasted live on Fushifaru’s Instagram handle.

A quiz was posted after the live and one lucky winner was given ‘TWO Nights for TWO’ at the exquisite island as part of the generous Eid Giveaway.

The Eid celebration wrapped up with a special Maldivian buffet at Korakali restaurant giving guests a chance to tuck in to scrumptious traditional dishes, followed by a dance party with DJ at Fanihandhi Bar.

Independence Day celebrations

A week on, Independence Day celebrations commenced in the morning of July 26, with a flag hoisting ceremony which began with the blowing of the conch shell at Ehgamuge, Fushifaru’s iconic cultural centre — a replica of the old traditional local homes made out of coconut palm leaves.

A local talent then delivered a short keynote about the history of the Maldivian Independence Day. Then, the Maldivian flag and Fushifaru flag were hoisted by the resort’s third time repeater guests.

The event concluded with the Maldivian National Anthem ‘Qaumee Salaam’ along with cake cutting by the enthusiastic in-house guests.

The celebrations further continued in the afternoon and through out the evening with a special beach cocktail reception where guests were able to indulge in fresh coconuts from the live coconut station.

The afternoon tea had a Maldivian twist and guests were served with arrays of Maldivian bites and short eats while sipping on signature cocktails, overlooking the mesmerising sunset.

The eventful night began at Fanihandhi Bar with a presentation depicting how Maldives achieved Independence, followed by traditional dance performances along with drumming called Boduberu, which is the heart of traditional Maldivian music.

The night concluded with Musical Night with Cathy, the guests’ favourite.

The Fushifaru team prides themselves as custodians of Maldivian heritage, and are committed to continue delivering unique cultural experiences to guests.

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