Dhivehi Raajje Ah Maruhabaa – Welcome to the Maldives

Editors note: This is an experience written by one of our readers, a Swiss lady, Andrea Blum. She writes about a dream that began in her childhood, which flourished into a full fledged journey. For her, it was also a journey to discover the very meaning of life itself. 

A dream takes place in a little girl’s mind. Two young girls at the age of four and seven are playing travel-agency, where one sells trips to the other. In front of both the girls, a prospect shows the world’s most beautiful destinations. The seven year old girl can’t take her eyes off one specific destination; the Maldives.

It’s 1983 and the dream of the seven year old girl begins. The long road to find the passion and the meaning of life began. In 2010, after three years of studies and passing the bachelor of business administration, parallel to work, I wanted to give myself the biggest gift ever: A journey to Maldives.

As I chose the gift, little did I know how Maldives would change my life.

A Journey Begins

Finally, on 15th of January 2011 the big day came. Nervous and in a rush, I packed the last of my things. Over and over again, I checked my list, to make sure I would leave nothing behind. This had to be journey perfect; it was the journey of my life. Thousands of things ran through my mind. “Is the water really so clear and colourful? Are the beaches really covered with such white and glowing sand? How does it feel to live on a place so small and surrounded by the huge amazing Indian Ocean?”

Tears were running down my face, I couldn’t believe that this long road on the search for the meaning of my life would finally come to an end. The very next day during late afternoon, all my questions were finally answered. After nine and a half hours of waiting, I sensed the plane flying lower, and I looked out of the window. Curious and nervous I tried to look down, and through the dust, I could see the first Islands of Maldives; stunning, beautiful, and magnificent in every way. By God, my heart was beating faster. I could sense my pulse in my heart. My hands started to tremble. Right down underneath me were the pearls of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives. Finally my dream had come true.

A few seconds before landing I thought my heart would explode. Finally, my soul and my heart arrived and the aircraft landed, the wheels touched the quit rough ground of Hulhulé. It was an amazing feeling with nothing to compare it to.

Falling In Love with “God’s Personally Chosen Paradise”

With my eyes wide open, I tried to focus on all these amazing and new things I saw. My enthusiasm had no limits as I left the aircraft. For the very first time in my life I was enormously and uncompromisingly happy. I felt so free and it seemed like nothing could stop me. My face still smiling and my eyes radiating, perhaps even more intensely than the sun, the moon and the stars together, I stretched out my arms and I said to myself, “this is the place I’ve always wished to be in.”

It felt as if I had been here before. Everything seemed so familiar. These amazing feelings I’ve got were and still are indescribable. I can’t even begin to explain how it happened. I felt freedom, love, brightness, happiness and the great feeling of “coming home” deep inside my heart, but those were feelings I had never felt before.

Maldives wasn’t just my dream-destination, it felt deeper than that. All my problems flew away, gone with the wind.

It was the feeling of falling in love. I felt butterflies in my stomach, being in a wonderful and mysterious country with its lovely locals. Still radiating with joy, I passed the passport-control and caught my luggage. The airport employees must have wondered what had happened to me. Still with the imagination, my mood couldn’t have reached higher, thought I still had no idea of the beauty that awaited me outside Hulhulé, the airport island.

On The Way to Vilamendoo (Alif Dhaal – South Ari Atoll)

Finally my journey would take me to Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa. Vilamendhoo the beautiful island, 900 meters long and 250 meters, wide is surrounded by a peaceful crystal clear lagoon.

A scenic flight brought me to the lovely island. Travelling by seaplane offered my still wide open eyes, a fantastic view of different inhabited and uninhabited Islands. I couldn’t believe how beautiful all of it looked. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have gotten the chance to visit Maldives and to explore all the things that were revealed to my eyes. A destination everyone would love to visit, but one that most of them might never get the chance to experience.

After 88 miles and 25 minutes, the seaplane descended and began to land. For the very first time I saw the beautiful colours of a lagoon. Flying a few meters above the sea level, my eyes filled, once again, with tears of joy, happiness and rapture. Truly, the colours are more beautiful and exciting than in any picture I had ever seen.

The water is so clear and shiny like a crystal. So clear that you can look down at the sea bed, covered with coral-reefs, unbelievable and surreal with so much beauty. It seemed like passing through a door in to an unreal world. A world which had opened its doors for me.

Right in front was Vilamendhoo, my home for the next 10 days. Indescribable, Vilamendhoo showed itself as the better side of Maldives. My eyes captured Palms, Dhonis, buildings and lots of water. My senses picked up the amazing sound of the waves, the tenderly touch of the wind on my skin and the smell of the fresh salty air.

Thanks to God, I was at my destination and my dream had indeed come true.

Experiences at the fascinating Vilamendhoo

I checked out everything on the lovely island. WOW! I had never seen such a cool bathroom, one that was open with a romantic view right up into palm leafs dancing in the wind. That was definitely the highlight of the accommodation.

Finally it was time to come closer to the Indian Ocean. I had waited years for the moment. With my camera, I shot my first step into the breathtaking crystal blue lagoon. An exciting experience which will be etched in my mind forever. The wonderful feeling on my feet as they touched the white and glowing sand. Small fish surrounded me, as a stranger in their habitat. Yet of course, exploration of the island was also amazing.

As I walked around Vilamendhoo I stopped every few meters to touch the mangroves, the palms and the sand, enjoying the amazing view of the beach and the lagoon site. My walk through the middle of the island allowed me to listen to the cute and mystic sound of the birds.

Even now, as I close my eyes I can still hear the sound of the birds, and feel the pure sweetness of freedom and peace. Still I get goose-bumps, thinking of the scenes, among which were the amazing and giant whale sharks.

Indescribable how the feeling was, as I swam next to the huge and tender animals, as I looked straight in to their cute and small eyes. One of the mysterious creatures of God, which needs our protection, it is indeed a gift to be able to come so close to it.

My mornings in Maldives started very early. I didn’t want to miss any sunrises. Every morning I sat on the deck with my legs hanging down into the ocean. The mornings were the perfect time for the shy baby sharks. A calm ocean without people swimming gave them a few minutes of space without danger in their own habitat. Full of amazing feelings, with nothing to compare, I stared at the rising sun.

Only me on my lovely Vilamendhoo, nobody around me. Somewhere at a small island in the Indian Ocean. A lot of things ran though my head. I thought about my past, my future and how my life should go on.

How will I go ahead with all this knowledge and all these experiences? Will I find the way back to my usual life? Where and how would I find my right way?

Were all my questions answered as I left Hulhulé?

Decision in Paradise

Living without Maldives would be impossible and just visiting one or two times a year could never be enough. I can’t live without it.

I have to feel the real Maldives each and every day. I wanted the locals, the sea, the vegetation and the great sound of the beautiful language of Dhivehi to surround me every moment of every day.

Thoughts of being back in Switzerland and impossibly continuing my usual life had hit me within a few days, making me fall into deep slumber in sadness.

The time was right to change my life. The time had come to walk the path I had always looked for. To follow my dreams, my convictions, because from then on everything had a meaning, every question had an answer. As Maldives answered all my questions, it seemed as if the circle had closed.

Suffering without Maldives

It was so hard to be back again to live my old life. It didn’t matter what kind of activities I did, I felt sad and depressed. Every day I cried tears of longings. I had the feeling that I no longer belonged to Switzerland. I almost felt as if I was a stranger in my own country. Every second of every day, my thoughts were some 8,000 kilometres away. The longings of the feeling of the wind touching my skin, of smelling the salty air and the huge vegetation, of seeing the amazing colours and of hearing the waves foaming on the beaches, grew day by day.

After a week back, I couldn’t stand the pain, so I booked my next trip to Maldives, set to take place three months later.

The Thoughts of Living in a Foreign Country

Living in a foreign country, means to have appropriate knowledge of culture, history, religion and politics of the selected country. These are just a few preconditions for a good, friendly and successful life between different nations. Followed by the preconditions are the keywords of acceptor, respect and the following of rules. To start a totally new life meant to adapt to the conditions.

100 Percent Convinced Of the Right Decision

My second travel, three months after I returned to Switzerland, once again touched me deeply, actually more than I ever imagined. I was convinced that my decision to start a new life in Maldives was the right one.

However this trip was not limited to a simple resort. I made friends in Maldives and explored Malé and Hulhumalé. To be integrated with the locals I had chat with them. They were much more profound. I wanted to be integrated in their life and their problems and honestly it was a great honour for me. They never gave me the feeling that I was just a foreigner. Mutual respect and the interests of the life of each other were always there. They really gave me the sense of belonging.

Plans in Maldives

At first I planned to move two years later. But I changed my mind by the middle of the next year, and decided that I would start my new life right away. I’m on the way to arrange things, they are stressful but interesting. And every little thing which is done brings me a little bit closer to my goals.

In Maldives awaits a lot of things for me. Being successful in the job will be my first mission. The second and maybe also the more significant mission will be to participate in local projects. To give the children and youth, the possibilities for a better future.

A fight in unity, together with the locals against poverty, climate change and the force of the human rights. I will dedicate all my support and my power to develop a Maldives that is sustainable in every field. Maldives gave me back faith in humanity.

Everything is possible, just believe and work hard on it to achieve the goals. Trust in yourself and trust in others.

The Meaning of Life, the Right Path

Finally a long and rough way in my life had come to an end. I had found the reason of my life and the meaning I had been living for. The doubt in mostly everything I did in my life and the doubt of the perfection of my religion, before this, had felt, so unfinished and so unfulfilled. Yet now it felt more fulfilling and perfect.

I’m grateful to Maldives and the Maldivians for integrating me in their life and as well for respecting me exactly the way I am. Never will I have to experience the sad feeling of saying goodbye to Maldives.

Maldives, your beauty thrills me with wonder and your stillness fills me with peace. My beloved Maldives you own my heart and my soul, my life is in your hands. Thank you.

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