OBLU SELECT Sangeli: Microcosm of sustainable stewardship

Situated in the North-Western tip of Malé Atoll, Maldives is the island of Sangeli, home to OBLU SELECT Sangeli. This luxury five star resort is operated by the popular Indian Ocean hospitality brand Atmosphere Hotels and Resorts, who have chosen Green Globe to certify the sustainable operations of their OBLU, OZEN and Atmosphere resorts.

Atmosphere Hotels and Resorts’ Sustainability Management Plan is applied across their group of properties and states its desire to, “Carry out its business in line with our company’s guiding principles of being conscious of global environment issues and acknowledge our responsibility towards the environment. While the well-being of our guests remains the fore-front, we commit ourselves to carrying out operations in a sustainable manner, taking every step to minimise operational impact on, and preserve the environment wherever we operate.”

OBLU SELECT Sangeli is a 50 minute boat ride from the Maldives capital of Malé. The Resort is a popular destination for nature lovers with snorkeling and diving in the inner lagoon and outer reef. The Resort has its own in-house Marine Biologist dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues faced by the planet, while leading marine talks and interacting with guests.

Scientist and diver, Giorgia Maggioni says, “Throughout my studies, I’ve always been passionate about corals. Working as Marine Biologist at OBLU SELECT Sangeli allows me to actively contribute to the preservation of the most diverse ecosystem, the coral reef, through its restoration and rehabilitation. Meanwhile, being in a resort environment, I get an opportunity to educate our guests and I take pride in showing them our successful coral restoration project and all the sustainability measures adopted by the resort.”

Being located on an Indian Ocean atoll island, the management of OBLU SELECT Sangeli are committed to do the best they can to mitigate the causes of climate change and protect their paradise. Since going solar in 2020, the resort has generated 1,327,082 Kwh of electricity, which has reduced diesel generation by 358,671 litres. This is a carbon reduction of 947 tonnes of CO2e, or the equivalent of 379 round trips flights between the UK and the Maldives.

The vegetation across the island is precious and vital to OBLU SELECT Sangeli’s ongoing operations and managing water resources is therefore vitality important. The iconic tropical Coconut Palm flourishes on Sangeli as it is endemic to the Maldives. The grey water produced by the resort is recycled so it can be safely used for irrigation of the Coconuts Palms – the Maldives national tree – and all island vegetation. The resort produces potable water via desalination and bottles its own drinking water in reusable glass. While the resort also collects rainwater, it prides itself on educating staff and guests on water saving behaviours so none of this valuable resource is wasted.

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