Kandima Maldives launches adrenaline filled new skydiving programme

Rediscover the thrill of travel in 2021 with an adrenaline-fuelled tropical holiday like no other in the Maldives!

Kandima Maldives, the game-changing active lifestyle destination, has launched its coolest new skydiving programme in partnership with Skydive Maldives.

Imagine a jaw-dropping free-fall from 12,000 feet in the air at incredible speeds, and views of the pristine islands surrounded by limitless blue ocean as you safely parachute down to Kandima Maldives.

Adventure enthusiasts can capture every moment of this experience of a lifetime!

Ready to skydive the K’way?

Get into your jumpsuit, strap on your goggles, board the aircraft and experience the ultimate adrenaline booster! This sums up the swanky new sky diving experience with Kandima Maldives, a must-do activity when staying at the resort.

Upon arrival at the Dhaalu Airport, guests are greeted by the skydiving team and take a 15-minute safety briefing before hopping aboard a specially modified Cessna 208 seaplane.

After 20 minutes of flight time, guests launch into the sky at an altitude of around 12,000 feet with an experienced skydiving instructor.

After a-minute long free-fall at extreme speeds of 200km per hour, the parachute opens and a five-minute descent later, guests safely land at the secluded beach on Kandima Maldives.

Take the (tandem) leap, capture your skydive on video

Tandem skydiving is the quickest and easiest way to experience the thrill of a free fall. Take the leap with qualified skydiving instructors and capture the best views of the blue Maldivian islands and coral reefs!

Guests can request for video footage of their experience to share with friends and family back home.

With daily scheduled departures between 8am to 5.30pm, tandem skydive packages range from $594++ to $900++ per person (minimum of two guests per booking).

Ultimate jump for experienced skydivers

While Kandima and Skydive Maldives makes it all perfect for beginners and first-timers, they also offer two options for the more experienced adrenaline jumpers out there; group and solo skydive packages that range from $79++ to $252++ taxes per person. Transfer charges from Kandima Maldives to Dhaalu Airport are additional.

More info can be found on Kandima Maldives website.

“We are excited to launch this awe-inspiring skydiving experience for our guests at Kandima Maldives. Always aspiring to be the first and bringing innovative active lifestyle experiences to its guests have always been at the heart of the Kandima brand experience,” Neeraj Seth, Director of Marketing Communication & Public Relations, Kandima Maldives, said.

“Adding another new dimension to our high-spirited ‘Lifestyle Reimagined’ campaign, this is the one of the first of its kind skydiving programme in the Maldives. We invite guests to rediscover the thrill of travel, as they can now explore world-class adventure and the breath-taking island views the destination has to offer!”

Kandima Maldives welcomes guests to an inspiring active lifestyle experience in 2021!

A step ahead in perceiving the dynamic travel expectations, Kandima is where boredom simply does not exist and the resort offers something for everyone.

The specially designed K’OnGuard programme and resort team closely manage all health, safety and service protocols, with a state-of-the-art medical clinic and round the clock assistance from international doctors on the island.

The unique and energising K’spirit is infused in everything the resort does from guest experiences, newsletters, social media feeds and more. So, stay tuned for the resort’s cool updates this month.

Located on a lush tropical island in Dhaalu atoll, Kandima Maldives offers a choice of 266 stylishly designed studios and villas, with 11 different categories to choose from, all of which have a private terrace and endless tropical views to enjoy.

The five-star resort has first class infrastructure, boasting one of the largest pools in the Maldives, tennis courts, an art studio, a marine biology school, a kids club, a game room, a library, a gym, a yoga studio and a spa.

The island also offers one of the largest selection of F&B outlets in the country, with an incredible choice of 10 restaurants and bars, all featuring unique and individual menus offering flavours of the world from Chinese and Japanese to authentic Maldivian and Mediterranean.

Tick something new off your bucket list and book your skydiving experience with Kandima Maldives now! For more information, visit kandima.com or contact mykindofplace@kandima.com.

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