Projekt Delfin: New integrated tourism development launched 

Abu Dhabi registered Atoll Estates Holding has launched Projekt Delfin in the Maldives, an integrated tourism development. 

The multi-generational destination is expected to be opened to tourists in 2025. The proposed development is a multi-million dollar project and is being designed by world’s top architects and designers having a presence in the Middle East.

“With the use of renewable energy, efficient buildings, and a circular economy for waste, the development will be net-carbon neutral without compromising guest comfort, enhancing their overall experience,” co-founders, Dmitry Bourtov and Amit Majumder, was quoted as saying, in a statement. 

Atoll Estates has a 100% subsidiary company in the Maldives, Prime Atoll Maldives Pvt Ltd, created solely for the development and operation of the project. 

“Sustainability is at the heart of the project, and every aspect of an ESG investment portfolio is considered. It aims to deliver above the current requisites,” said the co-founders.

The proposed site for Projekt Delfin is K. Tholhimaraa Huraa, an expansive lagoon in the South Male Atoll, 40 minutes boat ride from the Maldives’ main Velana international airport. The site is 5 km and 1.35 km in width and has a few small islands and sandbanks. 

To build the resorts, the site will be reclaimed with deep sea sand to have a minimal impact on the lagoon ecosystem. Several other initiatives are planned to mitigate the effect of the reclamation. Upon completion, the development will add nearly 50 hectares of green cover of mature trees and shrubs. An extensive coral rejuvenation program will be initiated immediately after the land reclamation. 

The development will be on multiple islands, and each of the proposed three resorts will have a minimum distance of 500 m from each other, connected by overwater walkways. A yacht marina and 24 food and beverage outlets are in the plans as well. 

“Developing a unique, sustainable, and exclusive destination in the high-returns tourism industry of the Maldives is an exceptional opportunity,” said Bourtov and Majumder.

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