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Authentic Traditional Souvenirs of Maldives



Since the beginning of tourism in Maldives during the 1970’s the local crafts have gained a vast popularity among tourists. The various crafts and handiwork of Maldivian craftsmen have always intrigued travelers from all over the world. However over time the magnificent works of art has fallen victim to rising tides of cheap imitations and unauthentic replicates. While this may be due to the high production costs from traditional methods, when applied to large scale production, unauthentic products cannot even come close to the real ones in both beauty and uniqueness. Souvenir shops in the city and in islands usually trade both cheap imports and original local handicraft. For travelers it is vital to know that what they are paying for is authentic works of art.

Lacquer works

Also known as “Liye Laajehun”, Maldivian lacquer works are and always has been a magnificent art which has produced creative designs that have survived through the Maldivian history. Since ancient times, the techniques have been applied to create vases, jewelry boxes, and kitchen utensils of fabulous beauty, for the royals of Maldives.

It is a highly decorative art carried out by skilled artists in which lathes are used to paint layers of colored lac over shaped wood. Usually the artist starts with a bright color and ends with a dark color such as black. The artist then uses a sharp tipped object to carve designs exposing the bottom layers. A finishing polish is applied and the work is ready for use.

Dhoni crafts

Dhonis or sail boats are a major invention of Maldivians as they were the first modes of transportation among Maldivians. They are designed to withstand the vigor of the oceans and to provide swift motion. Crafting of miniature models of these ancient works of art is known as Dhoni crafting.

Such models of varying sizes and quality are available in Maldives. Maldivian artists use timber which is carved into models that represent the ancient vessels. The parts are polished and varnished before they are constructed into models.

Wood carvings

Due to the remoteness and abundance of plants in Maldives, ancient natives used wood from the trees to create objects to optimize their work and fulfill their needs. Objects such as kitchen utensils and containers were carved from wood. The carvings are sometimes polished and can represent magnificent designs.

Wood carving has evolved to create works of art such as miniature models that represent the early Maldivians and their culture. These wood carvings are sometimes painted and sometimes subjected to lacquer work. Carvings of images and text into wood was also carried out by early Maldivians. Traditional Maldivian mosques have large wooden planks with text carved into them.

Mat weavings

Mats or “Kunaa” were vital to the early natives. They were mostly used for seating and sleeping among other uses. Mats have also been delivered as royal gifts by the Maldivian Sultans. The artistic designs created during the weaving are still comparable to modern textures. However the technique used is very simple and mostly it is just the creativity of the weaver that produces astonishing designs.

Screw-pine leaves are collected and dried in the sun. Natural dyes are then used to dye them into three basic colors, black, brown and yellow. A simple loom and a knife are used to slit screw-pine leaves to produce the varying patterns on the mat.

Coconut shell products

Coconut is one of the most abundant fruits in Maldives. It is one of those fruits that can be used during all stages of its maturation. In fact the coconut palm, one of the most abundant palm trees in Maldives, is the Maldivian national tree and has been used for multiple purposes throughout history.

The trunks are used for timber while the husks are used to make coir ropes.The leaves are used for weaving mats and creating thatching for roofs. The eakles are used to create brooms. The shell is cleaned, dried, and polished, before it is used to create ornaments or other works of art. “Raa Bandhi” is a container created from two coconut shells joined to increase capacity. It is used to collect and store toddy from coconut palms.

Coir ropes

Coir Ropes are an important part of Maldivian civilization, as they have multiple purposes. They were extremely important to early Maldivians during the building of huts and construction of sailing vessels and hammocks. Ancient Maldivians chose the coconut husks as it is a strong material as well as an easily available resource.

The coconut husks are soaked for about two or three weeks by burying them in the beach. They are then pounded and beaten into fibers which are washed and sun dried. They are then hand rolled and woven into ropes of different sizes. The coir ropes or “Roanu” are now mainly used in ornamental purposes.


Umair Badheeu sets new, national freediving record at AIDA Philippines National Championship



Maldivian freediver Umair Badheeu has achieved a new national record with a dive to a depth of 62 meters in the bi-fin category. His accomplishment was made possible with the support of Kaimoo Resorts and Hotels, a key sponsor and advocate for Umair’s pursuit of excellence in freediving.

Competing among 14 international participants, Umair’s performance not only secured a new national record but also surpassed his previous bi-fin category record of 60 meters by a margin of two meters.

Reflecting on the challenges of transitioning from his training in Egypt to competing in the Philippines, Umair said: “Adapting to reduced buoyancy due to warmer waters and encountering jellyfish were part of the new environment.”

This marks the third national record Umair has achieved. He previously set two national records of 62 and 64 meters in the free immersion category of free diving at the Andrea Zuccari World Cup held in Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt in October. Free immersion freediving is a discipline that requires divers to descend and ascend pulling a rope.

Umair’s switch from training in free immersion in Egypt to the bi-fin category for this tournament demonstrated his adaptability: “It felt like shifting gears, utilising distinct techniques, and returning to a more familiar discipline. This dive marks a confident depth for me, focusing not just on depth but also on refining dive times for a more enjoyable experience,” he remarked.

“Kaimoo’s support has been instrumental, offering me the freedom to train. This support has allowed me to focus on honing my skills and achieving new heights in my freediving,” Umair added.

“Umair’s third record-breaking dive this year is a testament to his exceptional skill and determination. Kaimoo is thrilled to continue supporting Umair’s journey in the world of freediving. His achievements inspire us, and we congratulate him on this impressive feat, looking for-ward to his continued success,” said Mohamed Manih Ahmed, Kaimoo’s Managing Director.

With this record-breaking achievement, Umair now looks forward to a period of rest before gearing up for the upcoming freediving season.

Kaimoo Resorts and Hotels is a leading tourism company in the Maldives that manages five properties across the country. In addition to Embudu Village and Summer Island Maldives, Kaimoo also operates Equator Village in Addu Atoll, and the Mookai Hotel and Mookai Suites in Male’.

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Kuramathi Maldives and Rasdhoo Divers dive into adventure with speciality courses



Kuramathi Maldives, in collaboration with Rasdhoo Divers, is elevating the underwater experience by offering a captivating range of Dive Speciality Courses, tailored for both novices and seasoned divers alike. These courses go beyond the ordinary, immersing participants in topics such as Perfect Buoyancy, Wave, Tides and Currents, Turtle Ecology, Manta Ecology, Marine Ecology, Deep Diver Speciality, and Enriched Air Nitrox Speciality.

Perfect Buoyancy: Master the art of achieving and maintaining perfect buoyancy underwater, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable diving experience.

Wave, Tides, and Currents: Dive enthusiasts can now confidently navigate ocean dynamics, enhancing their skills in diverse underwater conditions.

Turtle Ecology: Gain insights into the captivating world of sea turtles, understanding their behavior, and contributing to their conservation.

Manta Ecology: Delve into the mysterious realm of majestic mantas, exploring their habitat, behavior, and the crucial role they play in marine ecosystems.

Marine Ecology: Discover the delicate balance of marine ecosystems and learn how divers can contribute to their preservation through responsible and sustainable practices.

Deep Diver Speciality: Embark on a thrilling adventure below 18 meters, gaining advanced skills for deep-sea exploration and mastering safe diving techniques and pressure management.

Enriched Air Nitrox Speciality: Unlock the secrets of the deep with Nitrox, ensuring safer and longer dives. Enhance your dive planning, elevate safety, and indulge in extended reef adventures.

These Dive Speciality Courses at Kuramathi Maldives are designed not only to enhance participants’ diving skills but also to instill a sense of environmental awareness and responsibility. As custodians of the pristine underwater environment, Kuramathi Maldives is committed to nurturing a community of conscientious divers dedicated to appreciating and protecting delicate marine ecosystems.

Led by certified dive instructors from Rasdhoo Divers Kuramathi, these courses provide a safe and enjoyable learning experience. Whether you are a beginner eager to explore the underwater wonders or an experienced diver looking to expand your knowledge, Kuramathi Maldives invites you to embark on a journey of discovery beneath the azure waves.

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Visit Maldives collaborates with Surf Session and Kyllian Guerin to promote the Maldives as a leading surf destination



Visit Maldives has collaborated with ‘Surf Session’, a media platform dedicated to surfing. An exciting familiarisation trip and a digital campaign was conducted to promote the Maldives as a leading surf destination in the French market. The digital campaign was conducted on social media and the Surf Session website.

During the first part of the campaign, a young surfer, Kyllian Guerin, accompanied Surf Session on a week-long trip where he surfed and explored the best waves of the Maldives. Ayada Maldives, Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi, and Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives hosted this familiarisation trip. Kyllians’ journey was captured and brand content in the form of Instagram stories, posts, articles and banners were disseminated on Kyllian Guerin and Surf Session social media platforms and official website. As for the second part of the campaign, digital and print articles highlighted the surf lifestyle in the Maldives and were published on Surf Session website. Additionally, an exciting video of Kyllian’s journey in the Maldives was posted on YouTube, showcasing the beauty of the surf spots of the destination.

The campaign strengthened Maldives’ presence as a premium surf destination and drove excitement among Surf Session’s readership and surfing community. The campaign increased visibility for French surfers and further strengthened the Maldives brand in the French market. Collaborating with prestigious media like Surf Session and influential personalities like Kyllian Guerin allows MMPRC to capture the attention of potential surfers and travel enthusiasts alike, encouraging them to choose the Maldives as their preferred holiday destination. The entire campaign resulted in over a collective reach of 919,209.00.

The current ranking of France is at #8 with 41,072 arrivals as of 31st October 2023. MMPRC is consistently promoting the Maldives in the French market through various marketing activities. This year, we conducted a campaign with Vogue France and IFTM Top Resa 2023. We also plan to promote the Maldives at ILTM Cannes 2023 later this year. These marketing activities ensure the Maldives remain a top-of-mind destination for travellers from the French market.

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