Kayano’s Pact in Captivity

Most of us have heard the name. Most of us have listened to his tunes. But what defines him? What makes him who he is? This is the tale of Kayano, a man who followed his dreams, an example for all of us.

“My story starts at the age of 17. I have always loved music. But back then I didn’t even know how to play the guitar. I had a friend, Mutti, he is still a good friend and my mentor, and he taught me how to play the guitar,” kayano began to tell us his story with enthusiasm.

The first song Kayano sang was named “Kaalhu”, and with that he laid his foundation. After hearing “Kaalhu”, his mentor and friend Mutti supported him and encouraged him to follow his dream. Since then he has continued to develop his music and his skills.

However fate wasn’t too kind to our young artist. “I was becoming better at music, when my life took a sudden turn. Things changed, and I got involved with drugs. Slowly I was pulled into it. I lost myself in the addiction and my music silently slipped away. I couldn’t play, because I didn’t have time for it. I was too much into drugs,” Kayano said, with regret in his eyes.

When Kayano realised how much his life was being controlled by drugs, he sought shelter at a rehabilitation centre. His passion for music and his desire to be free from the grasps of the opiates, helped him to become better. “I played and practiced at the rehab. I even made a lot of songs during my time at the rehab. For example Kudakujja, that is the song that put me out on the spot light. It became a famous song,” Kayano said.

While Kayano was later incarcerated, the time he spent behind bars was also spent on developing his skills as he composed more and more songs. “The best thing about prison was that it opened my eyes. There I met Shaz and Muaa. They promised me that once I got free they would help me release my songs in an album,” Kayano said.

It was a pact made in captivity, but it was the completion of a foundation. Shaz and Muaa, promised Kayano that once he was free from drugs and from prison, they would help him release an album. After he once again became part of the community, his friends protected him  from drugs.

“All my friends and peeps that lived in the neighbourhood helped me to stay away from drugs. Then I met Faube. Back then Faube wasn’t very good with the guitar either. But he came to me with the idea of a band. He asked me to create a band so that it would be easier for me to stay away from drugs. I agreed,” Kayano said.

That was the birth of “Traphic Jam”, the band Kayano and Faube created. The band was initially called “Traphic Light”, however it was renamed. The band plays a unique type of music that mixes two genres, rock and grunge music. Initially a fan of grunge music Kayano found Faube to be more of an extreme heavy metal lover. However the two types of music merged to form the bands unique music with its transitioning vocal melodies.

Despite line up changes over time, the two founding members, Kayano and Faube have always been dedicated to the band, making it one of the most successful Maldivian rock bands. The current lineup has Kayano as the lead vocalist, Faube as the lead guitarist, Rimah as the drummer, and Shaan as the bassist. With many successful performances the band has gained popularity among Maldivians as well as foreigners. “Live Help – 2006”, “Sound of a Nation – 2007”, and the “Breakout Festival Maldives” are among some of the famous live events in which the band has performed. The band has also been reputed for their exclusive support for local originals.

Traphic Jam has released two albums, “Dhirithibbas” and “Thy Ehves Baareh Oi Bayeh Noon”. They also released two singles, “Party System” and “Ma OK OK”. Traphic Jam has also performed in United Kingdom, and New Delhi, India, with successful shows. The band has now performed at over a hundred shows, and has captured the hearts of Maldivian youth.

They are also planning to release another album and are preparing for an unplugged show as well. Despite the busy schedule of all of the band members they all have time for the band. “We all have other jobs as well. After the jobs we still have time for the band,” Kayano said.

With its crystal clear message, calling out to the youth of this nation and to those in power, to “stop violence among ourselves”, Kayano and his band is doing a remarkable job. Working towards peace, Kayano reminds us of the pact in captivity that has transformed and healed a man to become a better person. Kayano is an example to all of us who have forgotten what it is like to be humble, to be kind, and to actually care.

We at Maldives Promotion House want you to know, that we are proud of your work, and that we are proud to have you as fellow Maldivians among ourselves. Kayano and Traphic Jam, keep up the good work. The following video is one of the famous video songs of Traphic Jam, “Fasdheefa Dhaathee”.

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