Maldives sets daily record of 5,100 tourist arrivals for 2021

Maldives received more than 5,100 tourists on Monday, the highest daily record yet for 2021, tourism officials have announced.

This is compared to a daily average of some 5,000 tourists before the Covid-19 pandemic, and of 3,000 so far this year.

The island nation received 160,000 tourists between January 1 and February 20 this year, who were mainly from India, Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

The country aims to attract at least 1.5 million tourists by year end.

The Maldives reopened for tourists of all nationalities on July 15.

The stringent health and safety measures in place, and the naturally distanced nature of the Maldivian islands ensure safety for all tourists.

Maldives is also rolling out the Covid-19 vaccine. This is expected to increase the confidence travellers have in the Maldives, and further increase tourist arrivals from India.

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