Ayada Maldives, Where Luxury Blends With Nature

Maldives Promotion House – Famed for the unique place it holds in the eyes of Mother Nature, the Maldives has long been a top destination for nature lovers, offering powder white sandy beaches and the crystal clear blue lagoons.

With green and fertile coral islands, underwater ecosystem, Maldives promises the ultimate in idyllic natural beauty. However this tiny cluster of stunning atolls and islands is also one of the most delicate places in nature. While global warming and climate change continues to threaten this paradise Ayada Maldives is one of the resorts in Maldives that highly values environmental responsibility.

Ayada Maldives symbolises the fragile nature, and shows this through their small steps in consideration of the environment. In order to be an environmentally responsible luxury hotel Ayada Maldives seeks out ways to limit environmental waste and thus uses a water purification system on the resort, as a major step to protect the environment.

This system purifies the main water and supplies chilled still and sparkling water. The purified water is decanted into re-usable branded bottles that will be used in the rooms and restaurants. The water purification system also reduces the disposal of glass and plastic bottles. According to estimates that the resort will save the disposal of about 100,000 bottles each year.


“This is only one small step towards protecting our fragile environment, more environmental friendly measures will follow. It is of the utmost importance to us to show that luxury and environmental responsibility fit together,” the hotel Manager, Emre Pasli said.

“The purification system will therefore make an enormous contribution to the environment and help protect the beautiful and one of a kind marine ecology of the Maldives, for which after all the Maldives is famous.”

The opulent, family friendly resort is set to open on 1st of October this year, and boasts of superb amenities including seven indulgent restaurants, bars and cafes offering world class cuisines, an extensive 3,500 square metre ESPA Spa & Health Club, a kids’ club, a scuba diving centre and an array of water sports.

Ayada Maldives is owned by Aydeniz Group, which was awarded the Europe’s Leading Tourism Development Company 2010 award and Asia’s Leading Inward Tourism Development Company 2010 award at the World Travel Awards. Ayada Maldives has also been awarded an International Five Star Diamond Award from The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences in recognition to their commitment to environmental responsibility.

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