Royal Island Resort & Spa: Rebuilding a Paradise

Maldives Promotion House – Undoubtedly the magnificent coral reefs are one of the most spectacular regions of our planets vast oceans. While coral reefs cover less than one percent of the ocean floor, it support over 25 percent of all marine fish species and serves as a natural barrier against the devastating power of tsunamis, hurricanes, and storms.

At Royal Island Resort & Spa, there is a goal. By using various methods, they strive to significantly improve the health, longevity and living conditions of the corals in the ocean. One of them is by developing specific programs and events organized to inspire a renewed appreciation of our seas and to increase support for those currently working to preserve its natural habitats. With programs that consist of visual content aimed at raising awareness, they aim to create more respect for the sea and all the wondrous creatures that inhabit it.

With the help of Marine biologist Mr. Ben Team, Royal is now focused at enhancing the precious sea life in and around Baa Atoll. Immediate action is being taken in the way of reformation where natural reefs have been destroyed and preservative methods are being undertaken.

The coral conservation team at Royal, gathers small coral fragments from reefs damaged by ship grounding, construction or dredging projects. The fragments are then taken to a lab, where the coral is cut, or re-fragmented, into several pieces. Each piece is glued to a small disk of concrete about the size of a cookie.

The sample grows in the lab, under the watchful eyes of biologists until the coral matures. Once the coral is healthy enough, it is placed back in the open water, as the warm Maldivian sea water helps their growth. Royal Island Resort aims to offer their guests unforgettable experiences and at the same time they educate them on the importance of Marine Life conservation.

Guest at Royal Island can also be a part of the heritage program by sponsoring a reef. This fund raiser will cover the re-construction and coral propagation cost. In return, the guest will receive up-to-date photographs on their website, monthly newsletter and above all, the reef will be named after them.

Like many other resorts in Maldives, Royal Island Resort is also focusing on the importance of the environment. At Royal, they feel that it is time to give a little something back.

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