Maldives tops honeymoon wishlist for Britons

Couple, Conrad – Maldives is top of the honeymoon wishlist for Britons, according to a new research from Kuoni.

The average newlyweds will blow around £5,000 on their honeymoon, with the perfect break combining sunbathing, sightseeing and sports, reports Kuoni.

A survey of 2,000 unmarried Britons, undertaken by OnePoll on behalf of Kuoni, found that the ideal honeymoon would depart three days after the wedding, and comprise 14 nights at a five-star hotel in a destination with an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius and eight hours of sunshine per day.

During their break, honeymooners expect to read two books, have four candlelit meals, enjoy three massages/spa treatments and take five romantic beach strolls.

Around 26% of the holiday would be spent sunbathing and 32% sightseeing, but a further 12% of the time would involve sports and activities.

The most popular activities include: swimming with dolphins, cited by 50% of respondents; snorkelling (32%); hiking/trekking (31%); scuba diving (25%); cycling (20%); cage diving with sharks (16%); zip lining (15%); riding a Segway (14%); paragliding (14%); and surfing (13%).

The research also showed that 17% of Britons want to be able to check social media while on their honeymoon, 12% to ring home to speak to their mum, 10% to contact friends and 7% to play a computer game.

The average honeymoon will be booked online, paid for by the bride and groom and cost a minimum of £4,930.89.

Derek Jones, managing director of Kuoni, said: ‘This shows that couples still want that romantic beach idea with unparalleled service and excellent hotels in a place like  the Maldives, but they are also leaning towards a more active, cultural and authentic experience on honeymoon.

‘People are no longer content with a week or two lounging around by the beach or pool, instead newly married couples are hoping for a bit of adventure, they want to learn more about the country they are visiting and return home with tales of the amazing things they have seen and done.’

Kuoni’s top ten honeymoon destinations for 2013 are: the Maldives; Thailand; Sri Lanka; Mauritius; Indonesia; the Arab Emirates; the US; St Lucia; Malaysia; and Kenya.

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