Discovering the wonderful underwater world of South Ari Atoll

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Maldives Promotion House – If Maafushivaru Island could be picked up and placed anywhere we wanted to put it, we would not move a thing, the marine life in South Ari Atoll is amongst the most spectacular in the Maldives. The reefs are in beautiful condition, there are wreck dives, sand banks and deserted islands. We even have our very own desert island just a few metres from the resort.

Maafushivaru offers a wide range of excursions that takes advantage of pristine surroundings. Guests will always have a new experience to try out. Some highlights include the nearby Boli Thila where you can see turtles swimming, the local Marine Reserve where you can regularly see whale sharks and manta rays, and the ever popular Coral Garden where you can experience an explosion of corals together with a myriad of colourful marine life. Night snorkelling with torches are also offered. For something different, you can even try a full day Explorer Trip which includes a Beach Barbeque.

The island Marine Biologist is always on hand to explain and lead these excursions. He makes sure that even the beginners can enjoy these moments by offering complimentary introductory snorkelling lessons every other day.

For those who prefer not to get wetthey also offer a bi-weekly sunset cruise often escorted by dolphin pods, night fishing, big game fishing, taking a trip to the local islands or even hiring a private boat.

When you have travelled all the way to the Maldives the underwater experience and the fiery sunsets are memories that will last a lifetime. Maafushivaru and delightful desert island Lonubo with their beautiful crystal clear lagoons help form these memories.

Maafushivaru Maldives is a typical island epitomizing all the one dreams of when thinking of the Maldives. With its small island charm, lush vegetation surrounded by the white beaches and a house reef that provides an enchanting snorkelling experience.

The island is just over 500 metres in length and even has its own baby island, Lonubo, in the same Lagoon. Lonubo is exclusively for the use of Maafushivaru guests and your holiday on Maafushivaru will not be complete without at least one visit to this beautiful deserted islet.

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