Best chefs revealed at FHAM Culinary Challenge, celebrating culinary excellence

The highly anticipated “Culinary Challenge” at the FHAM exhibition has concluded, and the victors have emerged, basking in the glory of their culinary accomplishments.

A special ceremony held at the MNU auditorium today served as the backdrop for the presentation of certificates, awards, and prizes to the winners. The ceremony witnessed the recognition of the top three chefs in 20 distinct categories, along with the designation of the second runner-up, first runner-up, and category winner for each respective section.

The diverse array of categories showcased the exceptional talents of the participating chefs. This year’s challenge encompassed Creative Bread Display, Artistic Pastry Showpiece, Wedding Cake Structure, Plated Appetizers, Plated Three Course Meal, and Fruit and Vegetable Carving, among others.

Individual categories saw chefs from various resorts engaging in fierce competition, while group categories witnessed the participation of national teams from 11 countries across the region.

An impressive contingent of approximately 600 chefs hailing from 120 resorts took part in this year’s culinary challenge, truly elevating the event to unprecedented levels of culinary excellence and innovation.

The following are the exceptional chefs who claimed the coveted titles in this year’s competition:

  • Most Outstanding Artist: R.A. Sisira Kumara from Reethi Beach Maldives showcased unparalleled creativity and skill in his craft.
  • Best Pastry Chef: Rajandran of Royal Island Resort left an indelible mark with his exquisite pastry creations, securing the coveted title.
  • Best Maldivian Chef: Ajwad Abdul Wahhab, representing JOALI Maldives, emerged victorious, highlighting the culinary expertise deeply rooted in the Maldivian heritage.
  • Best Chef: Dushantha Chamara Gunasekara, from Maldives Inflight Catering, outshined his competitors, earning the distinction of being the finest chef in the competition.
  • Most Outstanding Culinary Organization: Cinnamon Velifushi remarkable culinary organization was recognized as the epitome of excellence in the culinary industry.
  • Most Outstanding National Team: The Emirates Culinary Guild showcased remarkable teamwork and culinary prowess, securing the esteemed title in the group category.

The FHAM Culinary Challenge enjoys the endorsement of the esteemed Chefs Guild of Maldives and the Chefs Guild of Sri Lanka, cementing its status as a prominent culinary event that celebrates the artistry and passion of chefs from around the globe.

Photos courtesy FHAM and Mihaaru

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