Bandos Maldives’ decompression chamber back in operation

Bandos Maldives is the pioneer of the first ever decompression chamber installed in the Maldives, and the resort’s Medical Clinic is back with the services after the maintenance of the chamber by experts from the manufacturer.

Being the first resort to introduce this important facility long time back in 1993, Bandos Medical Clinic has successfully treated thousands of divers for different medical issues primarily for decompression sicknesses.

The decompression chamber treats gas embolism (a blocked artery caused by a foreign body, such as a blood clot or an air bubble), carbon monoxide poisoning, rash, weaknesses, fatigue, clouded thinking, numbness, paralysis and poor coordination.

An experienced doctor specialised in dive medicine along with a trained team are available 24/7 at Bandos Medical Clinic to offer a wide range of dive medicine treatments.

The close proximity of Bandos Maldives to the capital is the biggest advantage for patients who may require to travel back and forth from Bandos to Male’ for any other urgent treatments. Bandos Maldives is just ten to fifteen minutes away from the capital by a speed boat.

Patients who receive our dive medical treatment services also find it convenient as Bandos Medical Clinic accept all major insurances.

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