The Ritz-Carlton Maldives Fari Islands to open in spring 2021

The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands, a 100-villa resort on the beautiful beaches of the North Malé Atoll, will welcome guests to island life, from Q2 2021.

Every aspect of the resort’s philosophy and design flows from ‘beru’ (the Maldivian word for drums, resembling a round shape), which represents the circle of island life, the notion of totality and the true spirit of the Maldives.

The resort’s beru is centralised through minimalist circular architecture and the holistic philosophy of wholeness that the Maldivian culture and environment supports.

The Ritz-Carlton Maldives will have 100 simple, yet staggeringly beautiful villas built across four picture-perfect paradise islands, all with ocean and lagoon views of the crystal-clear waters.

Each villa will be cared for by a dedicated ‘Aris Meeha’, or personal host, to tailor guests’ journey and look after their every need.

Guests will be able to dine at seven different restaurants, as well as enjoy exceptional treatments from world-class brands at The Ritz-Carlton Spa.

Families will delight in the full Ritz Kids programme as well as a range of experiences to protect and explore the ocean around them.

The vision behind the resort’s iconic spherical design, led by Kerry Hill Architects, is inspired by the circular forms of the turquoise lagoon and the swirling ocean breezes, embracing the circle of island life, with modern architecture meeting the Maldives.

Interior and exterior design is humble, minimalist and visually lightweight leaving little impact on its environment and always maximising views to the horizon and the connection with the elements.

Each villa’s design also allows for total privacy, cocooned by the clean sweeping curves and lines of the architecture, with the water, landscape and breeze flowing around and between the spaces.

All bedrooms look out to the horizon through panoramic sliding doors that dissolve the barrier between inside and out, with a curved deck and private pool merging into the ocean beyond.

Interior villa design also continues the simple approach to detailing with a limited palette of natural materials and colour hues. Furniture, rugs and fabrics have been custom designed by Kerry Hill Architects, drawing influence from local craft traditions in collaboration with Maldivian and international artists.

Minimising the impact on the fragile reef ecosystem was paramount in the design of the resort. By using pioneering pre-fabricated design methods and materials, KHA has ensured that no cutting was necessary on the island, reducing heavy operations and, crucially, generating zero waste or pollution.

Where possible, natural breezes will be harnessed to cool the public spaces, and highly-sophisticated glazing has been used elsewhere to limit the use of air-conditioning.

This, alongside the widespread use of solar panels, the intrinsic sustainability of the design materials used and the low‐maintenance natural weathered finish, enables the architecture to achieve a low carbon footprint.

The property is ideally located at Fari Islands, a 45- minute journey by speedboat or a 10-minute seaplane flight from Velana International Airport.

The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands is part of Fari Islands, an archipelago that features three world-class hospitality brands inclusive of The Ritz-Carlton.

Guests are expected to have access to a picturesque Fari Marina – the archipelago’s communal beating heart. Built around a vibrant Beach Club, Fari Marina will be home to charming boutiques and a handpicked selection of dining options.

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