Tourism Statistics: Arrivals Increase By 17.7 Percent

Maldives Promotion House – According to the statistical report disclosed by the Tourism Ministry the tourist arrivals to Maldives during the first nine months of this year have increased to 669,172 from last year’s 568,703. These figures show an increase of 82,469 tourists between 2011 and 2010.

The report also shows that tourist arrivals throughout September increased by 14.9 percent compared to September 2010, with a difference of 71,861 arrivals.

Tourist arrivals from UK and Italy are lower by 10.3 percent and 16.6 percent respectively. UK statistics show a difference of 8,896 arrivals while the number of tourists from Italy shows a difference of 3,471 arrivals.

China continues to dominate the Maldives tourism market in September with a 54 percent rise in the number of Chinese tourists who visited the Maldives compared to last year’s September.

Resorts and hotels operated 24,480 beds on average this year for tourists who stayed in the Maldives for an average period of over 7 days. The average occupancy rate remained at 71.5 percent.

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