Kuramathi Introduces Marine Life Alphabets

Maldives Promotion House – Kuramathi Island resort has yet again launched an innovative feature for their little guests. Fish Identification, the somewhat a difficult task, is made easy for kids in 3 simple steps.

All you have to do is log onto the Kuramathi website, hover your mouse on the Kid’s Section, click on the Marine Life Alphabet section and Voila! In here, you shall find all those familiar fish you often see swimming about in the ocean in Alphabetical Order, each described in a playful manner. From Angelfish to Zebra Moral Eel, kids can learn the names of the fish and their unique characteristics in a snap.

Little guests, have also the chance to experiment with colours, with the new Marine Life Colouring Book which comes as a downloadable PDF booklet. Learning was never made this easy! After absorbing the interesting bubbles of Marine Life, test your skills by going snorkelling and prove yourself the winner when you can name the fish you see!

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