Morteza Capital launches Maldives’ first regulated hotel investment fund

Morteza Capital has launched its debut hotel investment fund, Maldives Hospitality Income Fund I (MHIF I), the first investment fund of its kind offered in the Maldives.

In a statement, Morteza Capital said MHIF I will focus primarily on mezzanine financing opportunities, such as expansion and refurbishment of operating hotels, last-mile financing for hotel developments, and distressed credit opportunities.

The fund will provide an unprecedented opportunity for both individual and institutional investors to participate in hotel credit investments, which are considered lower risk than pure equity investments, it added.

“Until now, investors have only had the opportunity to participate in the Maldivian hospitality sector through equity investments, which provide little to no protection against downside risk,” Ghaly Murthala, Managing Director of Morteza Capital, was quoted in the statement, as saying.

“We are now inviting investors to participate through credit investments, which offer a higher level of security, with the assurance that their investments will be overseen by an experienced local and international investment team. As a specialised investor, our investments will also benefit from our hospitality expertise, providing a more hands-on management approach to restructuring and enhancing value of the asset.”

MHIF I is regulated by the Capital Market Development Authority in the Maldives, and will also be offered in selected overseas jurisdictions.

Founded in the UK in 2015, Morteza Capital is a boutique investment advisory and management firm specialising in hotel and leisure investments in emerging destinations. It is led by a team of Maldivian and international investment professionals with backgrounds in hotel and real estate investment, banking and investment management.

The firm says it aims to provide investors with returns that are difficult to achieve in core markets by matching unique opportunities with excellence in execution. Its scope of services include investment management and advisory services, development and project management services, and asset management and investor representation.

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