Maldives needs to preserve ‘one island, one resort’ concept, Mausoom says

Maldives needs to preserve its treasured ‘one island, one resort’ concept while opening up to newer source markets, tourism minister Dr Abdulla Mausoom said on Thursday.

Speaking at the launch of the fifth tourism master plan, Mausoom said that the “treasured asset” of Maldives tourism is the ‘one island, one resort’ concept and it needs to be “polished and looked after well”.

“It is the success of tourism in the country,” he said.

The minister said that the main aim of the new tourism masterplan is to ensure that the leaders of the sector are Maldivians.

“It is both in terms of product ownership and employment,” the minister said.

Mausoom also said that the master plan will focus on making Maldives the world number one in sustainable tourism.

“Increase the revenue of the state to provide services to the people. In particular, I would like to point out that while tourism is being diversified, the Maldives is the competition of the future,” Mausoom said.

The minister said that the master plan will protect the ‘one island, one resort’ concept so that the Maldives can open up to other markets as well.

“The Maldives will grow further in the future as an inclusive and accessible destination to all,” he said.

The minister stressed on the need to develop tourism infrastructure to ensure that elderly tourists and tourists with special needs can come to the Maldives easily.

The minister further said that:

  • Safari/yacht sector should be developed further
  • the sector needs to be regulated
  • Tourism sector reached today’s level as a self-regulating industry

“It’s not that we have launched this master plan and started with a whole new beginning, but we are going ahead with the journey that we have been doing with a clear goal,” Mausoom said.

“As a destination that leads the world’s most sustainable tourism, we are committed to making it a destination that brings happiness to the people and to help us overcome the various challenges that come with the global environment.”

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