Maldives releases fifth tourism master plan to ensure sustainable growth

Maldives’ tourism ministry on Thursday released the Fifth Tourism Master Plan (5TMP), which sets out the vision, policy priorities, and strategies for the industry over the next five years.

The 5TMP was developed with the help of comprehensive consultations with industry stakeholders, including in-person and virtual meetings, as well as field visits to various regions. The plan examines priority areas for developing the tourism industry, including the business environment, human resource development, environmental conservation, information and communication technology, the social and cultural environment, safety and security, and the legal environment.

By incorporating recommendations from the UN Sustainable Development Goals and international best practices, the 5TMP’s vision is to position Maldives as the world’s leading destination in sustainable tourism with a special focus on making Maldives an accessible tourism destination.

The 5TMP aims to strengthen Maldives’ position as a competitive and sustainable destination, enabling the industry, which has been the driving force in transforming the economy over the last 50 years, to continue leading the country’s growth.

The 5TMP highlights priority areas for policy decisions on the tourism industry over the 2023–2027 plan period. These include:

  • Improving the business environment for tourism businesses, including by reducing red tape and simplifying regulations.
  • Developing a skilled workforce to meet the needs of the tourism industry.
  • Conserving the environment and promoting sustainable tourism practices.
  • Using information and communication technology to improve the tourism experience.
  • Promoting cultural tourism and preserving the Maldives’ unique culture and heritage.
  • Ensuring the safety and security of tourists.
  • Strengthening the legal framework for tourism.

The 5TMP is a comprehensive and ambitious plan that sets out a clear vision for the future of tourism in the Maldives. The plan is based on extensive consultations with industry stakeholders and incorporates the latest international best practices. The 5TMP is a critical tool for ensuring the continued success of the Maldives’ tourism industry and its contribution to the country’s economic development.

The 5TMP is a positive development for the Maldives’ tourism industry. The plan’s focus on sustainability and accessibility is in line with the growing demand for these types of experiences from tourists. The 5TMP’s focus on improving the business environment and developing a skilled workforce will also help to make the Maldives a more attractive destination for investors and businesses.

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