Angsana Ihuru celebrates Rannamaari Wreck anniversary with holiday giveaway

Angsana Ihuru has announced a giveaway of a three nights’ stay for two persons, as part of the celebration of the Rannamaari Wreck’s 20th Anniversary.

The Rannamaari Wreck was previously used as a dredging ship in Male’ and was towed to Angsana Ihuru in 1999 to be used as an artificial reef. However, the ship sank “mysteriously” two days before the planned event. The dredger was docked in front of the bar and while all the guests were at dinner, no one noticed that “Rannamaari” was slowly sinking until the final moment when air bubbles and foam gushed out noisily from the submerging dredger. “Rannamaari” had not waited for the arranged date for its sinking. It sank on its own to the final resting place and has since become a home for thousands of sea creatures and corals at a depth of 26 metres.

“Rannamaari” is a legend and an important part of the Maldivian folklore. Rannamaari is the name of an alleged sea monster that takes away a virgin girl every full moon.

Similarly, the dredger was also once a monstrously strong machine used to take away sand for island reclamation.

Angsana Ihuru has prepared numerous diving and marine conservation activities for the upcoming five-day celebration, which begins on June 10. The activities include 10To10 24-hour live streaming of the wreck, sunrise, sunset and late night dives.

Additionally, Angsana Ihuru is giving away a three nights’ stay for two persons which includes transfers and one diving experience. Details of the competition can be found on the resort’s Instagram account (@angsanaihurumaldives) and will end on June 15.

Located just 25 minutes away from the international airport, Angsana Ihuru is a small boutique resort surrounded by one of the most vibrant and well preserved house reefs in the Maldives. The resort is a pioneer in terms of Marine Conservation being the first resort in the Maldives to have its own Marine Lab in 2001. The resort started conservation projects such as the Rannaamari Wreck, the Necklace Project and numerous programmes and activities to help preserve the reefs.

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