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W Hotels Worldwide Takes Innovative Fashion Next Program Global



Maldives Promotion HouseW Hotels Worldwide recently kicked off Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center with the announcement of the Spring 2012 season of Fashion Next designers. The six designers, who specialize in a range of concepts from tailored menswear to reversible dresses, were introduced by newly appointed W Hotels Global Fashion Director, Jenné Lombardo, during a breakfast event at W New York.

Lombardo handpicked each of the six designers to join the third season of Fashion Next, the W Hotels fashion initiative that fosters and supports emerging designers. With Lombardo at the helm, Fashion Next, will for the first time in the program’s history, bring emerging fashion talent to a global audience.

As part of the initiative, W Hotels will host these six designers’ official presentations in the Box venue at Lincoln Center, and this season, W will now also support additional local fashion talent at fashion week events in London, Moscow, and Bangkok.  Throughout the remainder of the year, all of the selected Fashion Next designers will have the opportunity to travel to W Hotels around the world and collaborate with the W brand on other W fashion and design projects worldwide.

“As W Hotels continues to expand globally, we have a great opportunity to provide a platform for supporting and showcasing what’s new and next in fashion,” Global Brand Leader for W Hotels Worldwide and Le Méridien, Eva Ziegler said.  “We are taking the W Hotels Fashion Next program global for the first time, which now allows us to share our point of view on fashion with W guests and locals around the world.”

This season’s Fashion Next designers represent a wide variety of styles and influences, from cutting-edge digital prints to feminine pieces made with hand-dyed silks.

Bibhu Mohapatra

Bibhu Mohapatra showed an interest in fashion at an early age. In 1996, he moved to New York City to attend Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). He graduated one year later, having received the prestigious “Critic’s Award for Best Evening Wear Design.”  He has now completed his seventh ready-to-wear collection under his namesake label, which features elegant designs inspired by the vibrant colors and fabrics found in his native country, India.


Designer Yara Flinn is entering her third season with Nomia.  The 29 year-old New York-based designer’s downtown style features sleek and slinky dresses, jumpsuits, and blouses made with fabrics such as stretch silk.

Juan Carlos Obando

Juan Carlos Obando taught himself about design when he started deconstructing vintage finds. In 2008, he began showing his work to the public following a private show with Vogue Editor in Chief Anna Wintour.  His initial collection created such buzz that he garnered a CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund nomination.  Based in Los Angeles, Juan Carlos is now a member of the CFDA.

Michael Angel

Since the debut of his collection, New York designer Michael Angel has continued to generate acclaim in the fashion and art worlds alike, garnering industry-wide attention for his pioneering use of digital prints. The blending of textures and colors create uniqueness in his pieces that reflect an undeniable energy.


Electric Feathers

Electric Feathers designer Leana Zuniga’s concept is to capture timelessness and versatility in contemporary designs.  Her line features one-of-a-kind pieces that have more than meets the eye; most of her silk hand-dyed dresses and skirts are convertible or reversible.



Rochambeau is comprised of three menswear designers – Michael Venker, Joshua Cooper, and Laurence Chandler.  The line incorporates the designers’ love of design and their shared vision for unique men’s fashion.

For the first time in the W brand’s history, the Fashion Next program will this season be brought to a global level, with designer showcases at fashion weeks from New York City to London, Moscow, and Bangkok.  In both London and Moscow, Global Fashion Director Jenné Lombardo has aligned herself with two internationally celebrated ‘Fashion Insiders’ to choose six up-and-coming designers, three from London and three from Moscow.

A film will also be shot by each Fashion Insider showcasing the W Hotels Fashion Next initiative along with the work of the three designers and interviews with Lombardo. The films will launch at the start of London’s Fashion Week in September and Moscow’s Fashion Week in October.

The Fashion Next initiative will then travel to ELLE Fashion Week in Bangkok, Thailand, one of the most prominent fashion events to take place in Asia today. Lombardo will work with ELLE Magazine Thailand to identify an emerging Thai designer to become part of W Hotels Fashion Next.

Times Square also celebrated the third annual Fashion’s Night Out with a photography exhibit titled, “Between Us, A Model’s Life,” an exclusive collection of photographs from Annemarieke van Drimmelen, the Dutch model turned fashion photographer.  Hosted by W Hotels Global Fashion Director Jenné Lombardo along with Ivan Shaw, Vogue Photography Director and curator of the exhibition, jewelry designer Zani Gugelmann and van Drimmelen, the event will also include a pop-up bazaar, featuring products for sale from designer George Esquivel and Fashion Next designer Juan Carlos Obando. French duo sensation Miaou Mix will perform their world-renowned live DJ set.

Moreover, in celebration of this season’s Fashion Next designers, W Hotels is presenting an exclusive set from British singer/songwriter Katy B, taking place the night before her celebrated album, “On A Mission,” makes its US debut.  The live performance will take place on Monday, September 12 in the Box venue at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center from 8pm to 10pm.


Hideaway Beach Resort unveils fitness centre upgrade with dedicated yoga space; introduces badminton



Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa, renowned for its commitment to providing unparalleled luxury and experiences, has announced its latest enhancements in health and wellness offerings, solidifying its position as a premier destination for those with an active lifestyle seeking a holistic and rejuvenating getaway.

The jewel in the crown of these updates is the comprehensive upgrade to the resort’s Fitness Center. Meticulously designed to cater to the diverse wellness needs of guests, the gym now boasts state-of-the-art equipment and an extension that includes a dedicated yoga space; known as the Wellness Studio. This addition provides an idyllic setting for guests to embark on their wellness journey, offering a serene atmosphere for yoga and meditation practices. The resort has also recently added Indoor Badminton courts to their offerings list so guests can sweat it out in the courts.

Hideaway guests are inspired to cleanse, restore, and energise their body and mind. To enable guests to work out on their own schedule, the Fitness Center is open 24 hours. With a variety of state-of-the-art exercise equipment including free weights, Stairmasters, stationary bicycles, treadmills, and more, guests are spoilt for choice. Additionally, thanks to the well thought out entertainment systems such as cable TV and Audio music systems, guests can keep current with worldwide news and sports or go full blast with their favourite tunes at play.

The new building also houses showers and changing facilities, so you can complete your cooldown routine at the gym without having to return to your villa. The facilities are available for all guests (children under 12 to be accompanied by an adult) to use free of charge, and our team members are on hand to help out and provide introductions to any equipment you may be unfamiliar with.

Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa enhances its fitness offerings with the introduction of diverse group classes like Zumba, Tabatha, and Step Aerobics at their new Wellness Studio. These additions, led by a highly experienced Gym & Wellness Instructor, promise an engaging and comprehensive fitness experience for guests.

Hideaway is not just a retreat; it’s an oasis for sports enthusiasts. In addition to the Fitness Center upgrade, the resort has expanded its array of indoor and outdoor sports facilities. The resort’s Sports Complex also includes 2 tennis courts, 1 padel court, 1 half-basketball court, 1 beach volleyball area, 1 Golf Center which has 2 golf simulators and 1 putting green, the new Badminton Center which has 2 badminton courts, 1 soccer field, and professional assistance for various sports with the help of our Sports Master and some Pro Coaches for select sports at the resort.

Staying fit whilst holidaying at Hideaway doesn’t have to be restricted to the gym. You can jog around the beautiful, scenic island or ride the bicycles that you will be provided with at your villa.

Speaking about this new addition, Christophe Adam, the General Manager of Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa, said: “Wellness and fitness travel have come a long way in recent years. Diverse guests now want a variety of benefits from their vacations and they’re looking for programmes and services that are designed to meet their short-term health needs. At Hideaway, we recognise the importance of relaxation and enjoyment. So, we are here to help our valued guests to reconnect to themselves and to prove fitness can be part of a great holiday! We are really excited by the opportunity to create a truly wellness experiences with a wide of sports activities that are seamlessly integrated into a guest’s holiday in the Maldives”.

Hideaway invites guests to immerse themselves in a world of luxury, wellness, and unparalleled hospitality. With these new offerings, the resort continues to set new standards for the ultimate retreat, where guests can rejuvenate their minds, bodies, and spirits.

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Umair Badheeu sets new, national freediving record at AIDA Philippines National Championship



Maldivian freediver Umair Badheeu has achieved a new national record with a dive to a depth of 62 meters in the bi-fin category. His accomplishment was made possible with the support of Kaimoo Resorts and Hotels, a key sponsor and advocate for Umair’s pursuit of excellence in freediving.

Competing among 14 international participants, Umair’s performance not only secured a new national record but also surpassed his previous bi-fin category record of 60 meters by a margin of two meters.

Reflecting on the challenges of transitioning from his training in Egypt to competing in the Philippines, Umair said: “Adapting to reduced buoyancy due to warmer waters and encountering jellyfish were part of the new environment.”

This marks the third national record Umair has achieved. He previously set two national records of 62 and 64 meters in the free immersion category of free diving at the Andrea Zuccari World Cup held in Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt in October. Free immersion freediving is a discipline that requires divers to descend and ascend pulling a rope.

Umair’s switch from training in free immersion in Egypt to the bi-fin category for this tournament demonstrated his adaptability: “It felt like shifting gears, utilising distinct techniques, and returning to a more familiar discipline. This dive marks a confident depth for me, focusing not just on depth but also on refining dive times for a more enjoyable experience,” he remarked.

“Kaimoo’s support has been instrumental, offering me the freedom to train. This support has allowed me to focus on honing my skills and achieving new heights in my freediving,” Umair added.

“Umair’s third record-breaking dive this year is a testament to his exceptional skill and determination. Kaimoo is thrilled to continue supporting Umair’s journey in the world of freediving. His achievements inspire us, and we congratulate him on this impressive feat, looking for-ward to his continued success,” said Mohamed Manih Ahmed, Kaimoo’s Managing Director.

With this record-breaking achievement, Umair now looks forward to a period of rest before gearing up for the upcoming freediving season.

Kaimoo Resorts and Hotels is a leading tourism company in the Maldives that manages five properties across the country. In addition to Embudu Village and Summer Island Maldives, Kaimoo also operates Equator Village in Addu Atoll, and the Mookai Hotel and Mookai Suites in Male’.

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Kuramathi Maldives and Rasdhoo Divers dive into adventure with speciality courses



Kuramathi Maldives, in collaboration with Rasdhoo Divers, is elevating the underwater experience by offering a captivating range of Dive Speciality Courses, tailored for both novices and seasoned divers alike. These courses go beyond the ordinary, immersing participants in topics such as Perfect Buoyancy, Wave, Tides and Currents, Turtle Ecology, Manta Ecology, Marine Ecology, Deep Diver Speciality, and Enriched Air Nitrox Speciality.

Perfect Buoyancy: Master the art of achieving and maintaining perfect buoyancy underwater, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable diving experience.

Wave, Tides, and Currents: Dive enthusiasts can now confidently navigate ocean dynamics, enhancing their skills in diverse underwater conditions.

Turtle Ecology: Gain insights into the captivating world of sea turtles, understanding their behavior, and contributing to their conservation.

Manta Ecology: Delve into the mysterious realm of majestic mantas, exploring their habitat, behavior, and the crucial role they play in marine ecosystems.

Marine Ecology: Discover the delicate balance of marine ecosystems and learn how divers can contribute to their preservation through responsible and sustainable practices.

Deep Diver Speciality: Embark on a thrilling adventure below 18 meters, gaining advanced skills for deep-sea exploration and mastering safe diving techniques and pressure management.

Enriched Air Nitrox Speciality: Unlock the secrets of the deep with Nitrox, ensuring safer and longer dives. Enhance your dive planning, elevate safety, and indulge in extended reef adventures.

These Dive Speciality Courses at Kuramathi Maldives are designed not only to enhance participants’ diving skills but also to instill a sense of environmental awareness and responsibility. As custodians of the pristine underwater environment, Kuramathi Maldives is committed to nurturing a community of conscientious divers dedicated to appreciating and protecting delicate marine ecosystems.

Led by certified dive instructors from Rasdhoo Divers Kuramathi, these courses provide a safe and enjoyable learning experience. Whether you are a beginner eager to explore the underwater wonders or an experienced diver looking to expand your knowledge, Kuramathi Maldives invites you to embark on a journey of discovery beneath the azure waves.

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