Fly Cheaper to the Maldives as SriLankan Airlines Slashes Airfares

Maldives Promotion House – SriLankan Airlines’ has announced an attractive, flexible air fare plan to provide a more competitive range of fares for flights from Colombo to many of its destinations in its global network. They currently operate some 175 flights a week, out of Colombo to destinations in Europe, the Middle East, Far East and the Sub-continent.

The fare structures have been constructed to suit a variety of passenger needs and options which include special one-way fares for students travelling to London, Kuala Lumpur and Bangalore. It also includes special one-way fares for Sri Lankan employees to the Middle Eastern countries such as Doha, Dubai & Saudi Arabia.

Attractive group fares for pilgrimages to India, Jeddah and Thailand are also included while along with competitive fares for business travellers to the Far East. Plus special Prepaid Ticket Advices (PTAs) to bring-in loved ones home from other destinations. Overall, fares have been slashed by about 15 to 20 percent.

There is a double advantage for Business travellers who can now enjoy competitive fares and direct longhaul flights to Europe without the hassle of stopovers. In addition to special Business fares, passengers can avail themselves of a Limousine transfer to their hotels or homes at no extra cost in London.

Special fares are also extended to passengers travelling beyond SriLankan’s online points to offline destinations such as Scandinavia, Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Istanbul to name a few in Europe. New Far East fares announced by the airline apply to offline destinations such as the Philippines, Korea, Vietnam and Papua New Guinea.

Flights out of Colombo to the SAARC destinations of Dhaka, Kathmandu, Lahore, Pune, Nagpur, Goa, Jaipur and Ahamadabad; plus passengers flying to Canada & USA via Transatlantic points of London, Paris, Frankfurt and Abu Dhabi can also purchase competitive tickets through SriLankan Airlines.

Passengers, who purchase tickets at least two weeks prior to travel, will have the Advance Purchase advantage of obtaining tickets at a lower fare. SriLankan has also announced infant/child discounts and the flexibility to receive date and route changes at a minimum fee, than before.

“We are making significant progress in many aspects of our operations allowing us to offer more benefits to our passengers,” SriLankan’s Chief Marketing Officer, G T Jeyaseelan said.

SriLankan Airlines is in the process of modernising and increasing its fleet and this year, has expanded the airline’s route network to 51 destinations in 32 countries. It commenced flights to Guangzhou and Kochi with plans to commence operations to Moscow and Zurich by the end of the year.

SriLankan Airlines recently decided to recommence services to Maldives via the Malé – Zurich route starting on December. They will restart services to the Swiss city of Zurich on 23rd December 2011, the latest destination in the continuous expansion of its global route network.

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