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Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa introduces singing bowl meditation



Reduce Stress and Anxiety and Increase Mental Clarity with this Ancient Ritual

Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa has introduced singing bowl meditation to its wellness offering, a Tibetan tradition thought to date back to 560 – 480 BC.

Singing bowls produce sounds that invoke a deep state of relaxation which naturally assists one in entering into meditation. The practice is designed to rebalance the body and reduce stress

The 60 minute sessions at Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa are undertaken by the five-star hotel’s experienced spa manager and are limited to a maximum of two people to ensure they are personalised to the individual.

Singing Bowl Meditation is an ancient tradition that has been heralded over the centuries for relieving stress and anxiety, lowering blood pressure, improving circulation, aiding pain relief, Chakra balancing, increasing mental and emotional clarity and promoting happiness. 

Guests begin the session with ‘pranayanam’ breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to prepare and calm the mind. Once relaxed, guests lie down as the instructor begins to slowly and lightly hit the Tibetan singing bowls that each emit different vibration waves and sounds. The sounds are not just heard, but are felt in the air and deep within the body creating a full body experience.

As the instructor plays the bowl he watches how the participants’ bodies react to the sounds and vibrations emitted by the bowls. The playing technique is adjusted to maximise the positive effects on each person.

Singing bowl meditation is one of many activities on offer at Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa including yoga classes, scuba diving, snorkelling, private blind dining experiences, Maldivian family feasts, excursions and various spa treatments in the resort’s Vidhun spa.

The spellbinding hotel is located on a private island tucked away in the centre of Huvadhoo Atoll, the world’s largest atoll. Just 55 kilometers north of the equator, the multi eco-award winning Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa is a barefoot luxury resort, evoking a remote, untouched paradise. Away from the teeming atolls of the north, Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa is well suited for those look for a relaxing break away from it all.

Singing bowl meditation at Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa costs $130 per person for a 60-minute session.


Kuramathi spa offers complimentary yoga sessions: Find serenity, inner balance



Kuramathi Spa has announced the introduction of complimentary yoga sessions, designed to help guests find serenity and inner balance amidst the tranquil beauty of the island paradise. Since 1st of May, guests have embarked on a journey of self-discovery and wellness through a series of rejuvenating yoga classes held at the breathtaking Yoga platform, Monday to Saturday.

At Kuramathi Spa, the team believes in the transformative power of yoga to harmonise the mind, body, and spirit. An expert yoga instructor will guide guests through a variety of yoga practices, each tailored to cater to different needs and levels of experience. From the serene practice of meditation to the invigorating discipline of Power Yoga, there is something for everyone.

The Complimentary Yoga Schedule is as follows:

  • Monday: Basic Yoga – Ideal for beginners, this session focuses on building a strong foundation in yoga postures and breathing techniques.
  • Tuesday: Pranayam – Explore the ancient art of controlled breathing techniques in this session, enhancing vitality and increasing mental clarity.
  • Wednesday: Suryanamaskar – Start the day with a series of sun salutations, a dynamic yoga practice that energizes the body and awakens the senses.
  • Thursday: Meditation – Experience the profound benefits of mindfulness and introspection through guided meditation.
  • Friday: Power Yoga – Ignite your inner strength with this energetic and challenging yoga practice.
  • Saturday: Asthang Yoga – Delve into the traditional practice of Asthang Yoga, which combines flowing movements, breath control, and meditation.

In addition, Kuramathi Spa offers the availability of private yoga sessions at an additional charge. This allows guests to enjoy personalised attention and guidance during their yoga practice. Whether you prefer a one-on-one session or wish to share the experience with a small group, the option of private yoga ensures that your specific needs and preferences are met.

Complimentary yoga sessions are held from 0600hrs to 0700hrs, providing the perfect opportunity to embrace the tranquility of the morning and start the day on a positive note. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or a beginner seeking to embark on a wellness journey, Kuramathi Spa invites you to participate and discover the profound benefits of yoga.

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Celebrate International Yoga Day 2023 at Sun Siyam Resorts



Sun Siyam Resorts is celebrating International Yoga Day on the 21st of June, 2023 by hosting a series of yoga activities and events with renowned Russian yoga specialist Anna Sologub at Siyam World, Maldives and Korean Yoga Master Yeo Dong Gu at Sun Siyam Olhuveli Maldives.

With Yoga becoming more prominent in our everyday life and keeping people’s mental and physical health intact, Sun Siyam Resorts is actively promoting a variety of wellness and health beneficial activities throughout the year to improve its guest’s well-being.

In celebration of this year’s International Yoga Day, guests at Siyam World Maldives are able to join in on various group Vinyasa yoga sessions with renowned Yogi Anna Sologub.

Russian Yogi Anna Sologub better known as Aniko , who is a Vinyasa yoga teacher based in Russia, started her yoga journey in 2006 and has been teaching Vinyasa flow yoga for the past 10 years. Aniko is a frontrunner of the yoga community, a blogger and retreat leader, and well known for her deep, creative and inspiring approach to yoga. Her teachings are dynamic, creative, and embody a powerful flow, aimed at discovering the connection between breath, movement, mind and body.

At Sun Siyam Olhuveli Maldives, guests are welcome to join Yeo, a Ululu Yoga Master, universal yoga teacher, organizer and host of Korea Yoga Festa, for several group yoga sessions by the beach.

Yeo is also a Doctoral Graduate from Kyung Hee University, has a Masters from Liaoning University of Chinese Medicine in China, and is a graduate of Wonkwang Digital University from the department of Yoga and Meditation. He is the author of Kid’s Yoga, Circle Yoga, Pelvic Floor Yoga, The Flow Yoga, Girl’s Yoga, Slimming Yoga, Mahahata Yoga, and Himalayan Vinyasa Yoga.

To find out more about Sun Siyam Resorts or to book your stay, please visit, or contact

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Mövenpick Resort Kuredhivaru Maldives introduces singing bowl sound healing meditation



Mövenpick Resort Kuredhivaru Maldives has introduced a new way for guests to relax and rejuvenate with Singing Bowl Sound Healing Meditation. This unique experience promotes healing for the mind, body, and soul through the gentle and soothing resonance of the singing bowls.

The sound meditation aims to help guests align with their inner selves, promoting a sense of calmness and relaxation. The beautiful sounds created by the bowls realign the flow of energy within the body, helping to release stress and enter a deep state of meditation. The vibrations produced by the bowls also aid in releasing tension and promoting overall wellness.

Located in the heart of the pristine Noonu Atoll, the luxury resort offers guests five-star services that are fully personalised to their needs. With an array of luxurious villas located both overwater and on the beach, Mövenpick Resort Kuredhivaru Maldives is designed as a destination for relaxing and rejuvenating escapes.

Guests can experience Singing Bowl Sound Healing Meditation in the serene and tranquil setting of the resort. The experience is a unique way to escape the stresses of daily life and focus on personal well-being.

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