Hurawalhi to welcome osteopath consultant Michael Kothe

Hurawalhi and Duniye Spa has announced availability of osteopathy sessions with visiting consultant Michael Kothe M.Sc. Ost. D.O. H.O.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience the profound therapeutic effect of Osteopathy.

Treatments at Duniye Spa will be available from 10th to 17th April 2017.

The principles of osteopathy lie in the belief that in order to have well-being the body’s structure has to be functioning smoothly and correctly. Core elements of the body including bones, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue must be in harmony with one another or imbalances may occur.

Osteopathy could be beneficial for those suffering from back or shoulder pain, joint problems and muscular tension and discomfort.

 It is also helpful for the treatment of stress, below optimal health balance and lack of energy.

Prior booking of these sessions with Michael are highly recommended. Advance bookings can enjoy a 20% discount on the $150 session price.

Michael Kothe M.Sc. Ost. D.O. from Germany and studied Oecotrophologie (Nutritional Sciences), Sport and Osteopathy (M.Sc.) as well as training in other related fields including: pain management, fascientherapy, organ psych, sports physiotherapy/sports osteopathy, biodynamic, taping, Kinesiotaping, Flossing, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Kuatso, and Quantum Medicine.

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