Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort & Spa, Maldives partners with Jody Shield for an exclusive ten day residency

Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort & Spa, in the Maldives, has partnered with Jody Shield, London’s most sought after motivational speaker, meditation guide, author and intuitive therapist from 12 to 22 April 2017 to create an exclusive wellness journey encouraging guests to process the past, be more present and create a life they love within this paradisiacal backdrop.

With its untouched natural environment encouraging a deep connection with the elements, the island of Villingili is the perfect place for a spiritual retreat, and in turn, a reconnection to the self. Located in the Maldives’ southernmost atoll, with only the gentle crashing of the waves of the Indian Ocean to be heard, Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort & Spa is the quintessential island retreat for guests to rejuvenate and escape the stresses of modern day life. Combining the resort’s complete seclusion and world-class service with Jody’s expertise will ensure the resort is unparalleled in its ability to de-stress and de-toxify its guests from their modern woes.

Surrounded by uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean and pristine beaches, guests are able to embark on a personalised journey guided by Jody’s renowned holistic healing, pioneering techniques and life-changing coaching to release symptoms of stress, fear and anxiety. Open to novices or practised meditators alike, the journey includes four meditations to quiet the mind and to reach a deeper level of awareness and inner calm. These dynamic workshops will nurture and encourage skills that guests can take away and implement in their everyday life from finding peace among the stresses of corporate life to conquering one’s anxieties and worries.

Guests also have the opportunity to attend two motivational talks as well as an exclusive reading from Jody’s new book ‘LifeTonic – a modern toolbox to heal your life and soothe your soul’. Jody’s schedule is tailored to inspire guests to overcome the pains of the past and achieve positive transformations in their mindset, motivations and actions. During Jody’s residence, those who wish to explore a deeper level of inner healing may also benefit from one on one sessions with Jody as well as experiencing Ayurveda treatments at CHI, the spa, yoga sessions, and a healthy eating plan with a personalised menu created by the resort’s chef. Herbs and vegetables are grown on island in the Chef’s Garden, along with traditional Ayurvedic root waters and light suppers of locally sourced fish.

CHI, The Spa at Shangri-La, draws inspiration from the origins of the Shangri-La legend, a place of personal peace, enchantment and wellbeing. It is a secluded sanctuary located in its own spa village within the resort, with spacious individual treatment villas with private gardens and steam rooms offering a ‘spa-within-a-spa’ environment.

Other activities available at Shangri-La Villingili Resort & Spa include tennis, golf, diving and snorkelling, exploring the neighbouring islands and the local village communities by bike.

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