Halloween horrors returns


The spooks are back at Bageecha Kids Club to haunt Kuramathi again this year! During a 2 day program that includes classical games and frightening fun, families will make the most of the Halloween treats in store for them on Kuramathi.

Day 1 begins on 30th October as a warm up to the following day’s events. Bageecha goes through a major overhaul as the kids are invited to decorate it using cats, bats, spiders and other ghoulish creatures. Next a crafting session of Halloween masks is on the agenda with a scary movie giving the perfect end to the day’s events. 31st October, Halloween, features all the main events.

Wrap the mummy, grab a ghost and poke a pumpkin are the games scheduled in the morning. Trick or treat event is in the afternoon, and kids would be encouraged to dress up as eerily as possible all the while acquiring candy for their efforts. A fun donut eating race is held later on in the day with the winners stacking up prizes.

Halloween this year will be full of terror and darkness and lots of fun, on Kuramathi.

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