British couple swims down the aisle for underwater wedding at Bandos Island Resort

Bandos underwater wedding – Bandos Island Resort is only a few minutes away from the capital island by Speedboat. Surrounded by one of the best house reef in the atoll, Bandos is a major snorkeling attraction in Maldives, famous for the unique array of fish and corals that make appearances during all seasons.

British couple Kate and Andy have been visiting the Maldives for many years. This years visit would make it their 17th visit to the resort.

The day started off with Kate getting dressed as any other bride. Dressed in white, smiles from ear to ear, and looking absolutely stunning, she walked towards her husband – Andy. Both of them are keen divers and have described that they are ‘the happiest when we are underwater’.

I was on Dive boat with Kate and Andy. Though it would be the second time the couple would say ‘I do’ to each other, the Kate and Andy seemed as excited as a couple of teenagers, giggling, and laughing at their own private jokes. To be in the presence of true love, to be part of this beautiful union was like magic.

“ we wanted to celebrate our wedding with all our friends here in Bandos. Ramune (from the dive centre) flew to the UK to be my bridesmaid at our UK wedding, but we wanted to do something here as well. As diving is our passion it seemed right that we should have our wedding at underwater. After all that is one of the main reasons why we come to the Maldives so often to dive. underwater is where we are most relaxed. Our family and close friends celebrated with us in the UK, but we have close friends here in Bandos who joined us underwater to celebrate”
But the dress, the exquisite, gorgeous white dress. Any other bride would not be willing to get her dress wet.

“ I am not worried about not getting my dress wet. I purchased the dress especially for that reason- it has to be easy to swim in and relatively light weight and not to bulky so that my dive gear would go over the top. Being underwater is where we are both very happy, so it seemed a natural thing for us to do.”

And so under the water they went, along with the minister, and a small group of their closest friends from the resort.

Bandos underwater wedding

When the wedding was done with, they slowly came aboard once again, to head back to the island, for the cake-cutting ceremony. The couple were greeted at the beach by traditional Bodu Beru group, and a drink of Kurumba. Taking pictures, and laughing gaily, the couple walked to where the cake was set up.

Turquoise drapes made a beautiful tent where the cake and champagne were set up, and guests, and the staff of the resort clapped and cheered on loudly as they kissed once again, and fed each other cake. The sun shone brightly over head, and the sky azure, and the crystal clear lagoon made the perfect setting for a beach wedding celebration.
The staff of the resort seem to have a very special bond with this couple. I noticed little things like their way of communicating with Kate and Andy, the connection, the bond they had with the staff.

“ We have been coming to Bandos since 2006. This is our 17th visit here and we love the simple charm that Bandos offers. We have seen many changes over the years – the removal of the concrete path outside the standard rooms, the changes within the rooms themselves. we love that Bandos tries to remain true to its roots but offers a great service, that is not pretentious. Our favorite aspects of the island has to be the dive center, and also Sundowners.
Initially we came to Bandos in 2006 s the island we were normally staying in had closed for refurbishment. We do visit other resorts, but keep returning to Bandos for several reasons:
-The dive centre and house reef. The dive centre makes it easy straight forward diving. It has a very relaxed atmosphere and the associates there are very friendly and knowledgeable. The house reef is easily accessible and lovely to dive. You can see all sorts of fish, corals, and the reef changes from one dive to the next.
-the associates are always friendly – always smiling and nothing is too much trouble. We consider Bandos to be our second home. “

The resort don’t normally hold underwater weddings, but thanks to Kate and Andy, this would be the first of many underwater wedding celebrations to take place at the beautiful resort. And to Kate and Andy, I would like to wish them eternal happiness in their wedded bliss.

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