Up close and personal at a Manta Ray cleaning station at Viceroy Maldives

Manta Rays

Maldives.net.mv – Get ready for nature’s big show as the manta rays descend on the Maldives and queue up at the coral reefs to be cleaned by the little cleaner fish.  Cleaning stations are dotted around the archipelago but stay up north at the Viceroy Maldives where the corals are pristine and marine life is in abundance.

Pop on a snorkel and check out the house reef or one of the other twenty sites around the Viceroy with the PADI-licensed Dive Centre.  There is a full weekly schedule of excursions for all diving abilities and prices are from $110 per person for a single dive.

As a manta pulls up to a cleaning station it opens its mouth wide or positions its body in such a way as to signal that it needs cleaning.  The fish greet their visitor by performing a dance, moving their rear up and down before getting to work on the attached parasites.  Some species feed around the manta’s mouth and gill slits while others focus on the rest of the manta’s body surface.  With a cognitive map of the area, the mantas revisit the same cleaning station repeatedly so stay at the Viceroy Maldives and see the mantas in full force!

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