Conrad Maldives Rangali Island launches new sound energy healing therapies

Conrad sound energy – Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is launching three sound energy healing therapies in January 2014 adding to the wide ranging selection of wellness treatments already available at the five-star resort.  Priced at US$100 per person or US$150 for two, the therapies were created by the luxury resort’s resident yoga consultant, Areeya, who uses the healing benefits of Tibetan singing bowls to achieve results.  Each treatment lasts 60 minutes and is designed to raise energy levels, induce calmness or aid insomnia.

“Conrad Maldives offers a genuine health and wellbeing sanctuary with two spas at the resort alongside many other fitness activities,” said Areeya.  “We’re excited to add sound energy healing therapy to our extensive range of wellness options.  The therapies work on all levels – spiritual, physical and emotional – for holistic healing.”

Sound energy healing uses the unique vibrations created by the singing bowls to help reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep sense of peace, wellbeing and better health.  Guests wear comfortable loose clothing during the one-hour session while the singing bowls are struck in specific rhythmic patterns to create sound harmonics all around the body, head and chakra points.

About the treatments:

Awakening (60 minutes) – this therapy addresses one of the most common complaints of modern day living: feeling tired all the time.  It is the ideal treatment for those who feel lethargic or depressed as it increases energies and uplifts the system.

Balancing (60 minutes) – this treatment is designed to reduce stress levels, leaving the guest feeling relaxed and with a new lease on life.  It encourages the body and mind to fully relax and aims to help guests let go of negative thoughts, stress and worries.

Calming (60 minutes) – this treatment is aimed at those who have trouble falling asleep, or suffer from sleeping disorders as it encourages a deeper, more restful sleep and offers relief from headaches and fatigue.

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