Waking up to yoga

Kuramathi yoga

Maldives.net.mv – Morning exercise; arguably one of the finest ways to wake up to and best performed on an empty stomach. Now there might be those who lull into sleep as the early rays of sunshine flood the curtains, but for the early risers, we have just the thing for you on Kuramathi; Morning Yoga.

The idea is purely beneficial and healthy; given the complete sense of relaxation it instils on the mind, body and soul, that too in the morning. But after one session you would rethink over the decision to go into hibernation mode. Our skilled Yogi performs the ancient art of Yoga in a private class of 4, at the Spa overwater pavilion. The view: turquoise blue tinted with golden hues of sunshine, the sounds: soft waves breaking onshore, the reward: one and half hours of intense Yoga, improving your blood circulation, your mental clarity and your flexibility. You feel refreshed and fulfilled afterwards; not a combination you get every day and feel like a whole new person.

The Spa offers classes in two different packages. Package 1, offers a 5 day course at $60 plus taxes while package 2, is just a single session for $20 plus taxes, a must for the newbies and Yoga aficionados.

Participate in a class and discover the world of Yoga.

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