Veli Spa embraces Dhivehi Beys

Veli Spa - Kurumba – Veli Spa is the first Spa of any Resort island in the Maldives to use Dhivehi Beys treatments. Dhiveli Beys is a traditional Maldivian medicine made from local herbs and ingredients.

Over the centuries, the Maldives has been visited by countless traders from the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal. Healing remedies and secrets from Indians, Arabs, Persians, Malaysians, Sri Lankans and Chinese were acquired, synthesized and then used to develop local herbal remedies. These remedies were passed from one generation to the next by local medicine men and women to become the traditional medicine that until this day Maldivian islanders still rely on.

The new Signature Massage, called Akarakara Theyo Dhemun, uses local herbs which are combined with coconut oil. This benefits sufferers of arthritis, inflammation of joints and muscle pain. It improves blood circulation, strengthens the tissues and muscles, relieves nerve tightness on the scalp that causes migraine and dizziness and is ideal for people who have nerve issues.

Lansimoo Theyo Dhemun is a back, neck and shoulder massage that uses a hot poultice filled with a blend of Maldivian herbs. These secret herbs are used to release nerve tightness and reduce migraines and muscle spasm.

The Tamburu Fai-Foot Massage uses Akarakara and Lansimoo plus a blend of other local herbs and is used to improve blood circulation, promote healing and joint pain.

These treatments were inspired by a traditional Maldivian medicine practitioner and are combined with modern techniques. The blends are made on the resort with many of the herbs and ingredients grown on Kurumba.

Xubba, the Spa Manager stated, “Kurumba Maldives and Veli Spa are the first resort to use Dhiveli Beys treatments in the Maldives. These have been formulated with traditional medical herbologists and are an art form that could have quite easily been lost in the rapid changes of the Maldives. The pastes and oils are unique, enriching and are a true Maldivian therapy. I believe that this is one of the greatest transformations to spa treatments that have occurred in the Maldives in recent years.”

Veli Spa finds with great honor to be passed on these secrets and therefore they have taken great care in preserving these ancient remedies by adapting them to modern day spa therapies.

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