Maldivian culture at its very best at Kanuhura

Get a taste of traditional Maldivian village life when you stay at the luxury Hotel Kanuhura, an amazing experience !

The Haruge at the Kanuhura

When you stay at the 5 star Hotel Kanuhura in the Maldives, a visit to the Haruge is an absolute must, this the first centre that focuses on the traditional art and culture of a Maldivian seaside resort. The term, from the local Dhivehi language, means “meeting place” and here refers to a place where important celebrations and gatherings are held. There, you can see for yourself what everyday life in the Maldives was like 3,000 years ago, with craft demonstrations and an exhibition of traditional works of art, in the luxury yet comfortable surroundings of this Maldivian resort.

Craft in the Maldives

In this unique place in the Maldives, local artists demonstrate different craft work, including rug weaving and painting. You can buy authentic clothing, ancient tools such as traditional fishing lines, miniature “dhonis”, items from everyday life, and decorative items. This delve into Maldivian culture is made even better when you sample the local delicacies, for a real taste of life in the Maldives !

Maldivian culture at Kanuhura

In a unique location, the management of the luxury Hotel Kanuhura seeks to broaden staff and guests knowledge of Maldivian culture. The many leisure activities offered by the luxury resort include making a genuine contribution towards preserving local traditions and keeping alive the skills which represent true Maldivian culture. For you, the one who is actually savouring the delights of a paradise holiday in the middle of the Indian Ocean, this is your opportunity to take away with you some wonderful memories of the 5 star Hotel Kanahura in the Maldives.

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