Flyboard country premiere kicks off at LUX* Maldives


Whether on a family holiday or on honeymoon, water sports have always been a must-do for all the visitors to the Maldives. Kayaking, pedal boats or snorkelling still remain a popular option for the ones wanting to explore the turquoise lagoon and vibrant reefs around the island as well as the more adventurous jet-ski, wake boarding or kite surfing. LUX* Maldives brings the conventional water sports thrill to a new groundbreaking level pioneering the offer of the country’s latest and most exciting extreme sport, the Flyboard.

  Designed for active guests, Flyboard combines the excitement of motorized water sports to the, otherwise limited, liberty of movements based on the body balance to ultimately achieve the exceptional sensation of flying over the water.

Flyboard has only been recently launched worldwide by the France-based Zapata Racing Team, originally created by the world jet-ski champion Franky Zapata. By literally wearing a pair of boots connected to a board, the resort’s guests can be lifted to heights of up to 10 meters thanks to the water jets placed under the board allowing them hover above the surface or to perform spectacular water figures.

 Taking the concept of luxury holidays on a lighter note, LUX* Maldives continues to look for original yet daring ways to surprise guests of all ages. ‘Being a water sports fan myself, I immediately recognized the potentials of Flyboard as the wide lagoon around LUX* Maldives is ideal for our guests to enjoy this innovative sport that makes you fly like a bird or swim like a dolphin all in one’ says Dominik Ruhl, the resort General Manager.

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