Sounds of Maldives 2013 to be held next month in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sounds Of – The 4th edition of the widely popular music event Sounds of Maldives will this year be held on the 11th August at the Bentley Music Auditorium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Following on from the successes of the first three editions at Kuda Bandos, Male and Colombo respectively, the Sounds of Maldives continues to export the best of Maldivian music overseas, this time to Malaysia. The event and brand promotes original Maldivian music and provides a platform for local Maldivian artists and musicians to showcase their talents. Moreover, the Sounds of Maldives aims to promote Maldives as a destination.

The Sounds of Maldives 2013 was officially launched last night at a special Highrise Theraavees function at Nasandhura Palace Hotel. This year’s lineup was also revealed and includes ESA, Ritte, Unoosha & Barchie, Mira, Mummu, Andhala, Furudhan and DJ Paiday.

Tickets for the Sounds of Maldives 2013 are available in Male’ at Island Music and Six-X priced MRV 255.00 and will all also be available on the door priced RM 50.

The Sounds of Maldives 2013 is organized and managed by leading events management company Highrise with support coming from Sound & Lights Inc.

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