Asia’s hip hop superstars Joe Flizzow and Sona One bring ‘Love Struck Beats’ to NIYAMA, Maldives this valentines

Maldives Promotion House – Per AQUUM’s renowned Dream Calendar kicks off this Valentine’s Day with Asia’s biggest hip hop artists, Joe Flizzow and Sona One’s music workshop, ‘Love Struck Beats’. Officially begins February 10th – 15th, 2013, ‘Love Struck Beats’ will offer guests the opportunity to write and produce their own rap for their loved one. Hot off the heels of global superstar Tinie Tempah launching the world’s first underwater club, Subsix and Mr Hudson making a special guest appearance over the festive season, guests at NIYAMA will be attending three dedicated workshops conducted by Joe and Sona which will focus on beat listening, beat familiarisation, beat selection and lyric inspiration. The final result will be packed and ready to be presented as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Asia’s hip hop superstar and answer to Jay-Z, Joe Flizzow is a multi-award winning rapper, songwriter, producer, MC and is Founder and CEO of Kartel Records, one of Asia’s most recognisable hip hop collective and brands. Listed in Prestige Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40 and August Man Magazine’s Man of the Year, Joe writes and produces songs for himself as well as for other prominent artists. Notable international collaborations include ‘Get It Done’ featuring KRS-ONE (USA), ‘Do It Big’ featuring Thaitanium (Thailand) and ‘Complicated’ featuring Asian Idol Hady Mirza (Singapore). Joe Flizzow has also been judging for award-winning reality talent shows covering break-dancing and street dance. As the artist succinctly observes, “We used to have a dream, now we have a plan”.

Growing up in France, SonaOne discovered Graffiti art. Fascinated by the vibrant colours and creative messages delivered by Parisian graffiti legends such as Serval, Mode2 and Nasty, Sona spent countless hours perfecting his art and searching for a unique type of “Wild-Style” which he now calls his own. Already establishing himself as a prominent graff-writer, he went in search of a new creative challenge and began composing music. Famed for his jazzy and soulful sound reminiscent to music from hip-hop’s golden era in the 90s, Sona has already chalked up an impressive repertoire of music production work. SonaOne is hailed by listeners for introducing a (much needed) fresh brand of witty lyricism to hip-hop.

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