Recipe from Conrad Maldives: Wangyu Beef Rib Eye

Our recipe for this week is Wangyu Beef Rib Eye in a lukewarm salad with fresh kumquat, vegetables and fruits, balsamic vinegar, sambol oelek and coconut cream. This recipe is from Vilu Restaurant at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island presented by Executive Sous Chef, Bruno Anon.

For the dressing
– Espelette chili
– Kaffir lime
– Lime juice
– Fish sauce
– Olive oil
– Sweet chili sauce
– Thai basil
– Tamarind paste
– Garlic
– Ginger
– Fresh kumquat
– Vegetable oil
– Chili bean paste sauce
– White balsamic vinegar
– Tamarind paste
– Sugar
– Coriander
– Espelette chili
– Fresh kumquat
– Sambol oelek
– Coconut milk
– Mint
Mix all ingredients together (quantities to taste). Add the coconut milk last and put in a bowl for serving.

For the salad
– Tomato, cubed
– Cucumber, cut into fine batons
– Julienne of fresh carrots
– Spring onion, sliced
– Basil, shredded
– Mint, shredded
– Fresh coriander, shredded
– Pineapple, finely diced
– Fresh raspberries
– Fresh strawberries
– Small florets of broccoli
– Slivers of fresh red radish
– Julienne of purple onion
– Julienne of green mango
– Julienne of firm ripe mango
– Frisee lettuce, finely sliced
– Edible flowers
Put each of these items and the dressing in a separate bowl and bring to the table.

For the “mixed spices” to season the steak
– 800gr sweet paprika
– 100gr dry basil
– 100gr cayenne chili dried
– 100gr white pepper
– 100gr dried oregano
– 100gr dried thyme
– 200gr garlic powder
– 200gr onion powder or flakes
– 60gr salt
Mix all ingredients together and chop until very fine.

For the rib-eye steak
Make all the rest of the ingredients first because the beef will be cooked at the last minute, just before serving. Season with fine sea salt, fresh crushed black pepper, “mixed spices” and a pinch of Espelette chili. Then panfry in olive oil. The meat need to relax a few minutes, then trim off the fat and slice into small slices. If needed, warm quickly under a salamander and serve on a hot plate with all the other items.
To serve: bring the sliced steak, dressing and all the separate salad ingredients and add each one to a large salad bowl and mix.

Vilu Restaurant
Vilu Restaurant and Bar offers fine dining cuisine with a Mediterranean touch and showcases an exceptional wine collection. Choose seared squids and langoustines, smoked salmon and lobster served with champagne as you look out over deep blue ocean vistas and amazing sunsets.

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