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Fairmont Maldives, Sirru Fen Fushi unveils ‘A Sense of Romance’ Valentine’s Day experiences



Fairmont Maldives, Sirru Fen Fushi, the private island hideaway in the serene Shaviyani Atoll, invites guests to embrace the love for extraordinary experiences and treasured moments shared together with its carefully curated ‘A Sense of Romance’ Valentine’s Day program from 12 to 15 February.

Couples can delight in the “Island Romance, the Fairmont Way” package, which offers a stay in one of the resort’s luxurious pool villas with exquisite benefits, including intimate dining experiences, bubble baths scattered with flower petals, guided snorkelling in the Coralarium, the world’s first and only underwater art installation that doubles as a coral regeneration project, and special amenities that will allow them to capture the essence of love and create memories to last a lifetime.

For a blissful and rejuvenating experience, romantic couples can enjoy “A Valentine’s Dream” at the award-winning Fairmont Spa, featuring a 60-minute full-body massage, a 30-minute nourishing scrub, and an exotic floral bath accompanied by a glass of sparkling wine.

The idyllic paradise also presents “Valentine’s Day Wine Dinner” at the by-the-sea restaurant Azure, along with destination dining options hosted at various locations on the island and surrounded by natural beauty and tranquility, where couples can admire the tropical sunset and conclude the perfect night beneath the stars.

For a more adventurous experience, guests can opt for “Sirru Fen Fushi Love” and embark on an ocean discovery aboard the resort’s luxury yacht, Azimut, around the rich waters of the Indian Ocean, or indulge in ‘Finolhu Crusoe,’ where they are taken to a deserted sandbank, undisturbed to swim and snorkel to uncover the thriving marine life, as well as adore the magnificent surroundings while sipping Champagne and nibbling on delectable canapés.

The dreamiest escape comes alive with the ‘Grandest Journey into Romance’, a decadent, over-the-top experience. This exclusive arrangement features a sunset cruise on a luxury yacht with celebratory drinks, followed by a blissful couple’s massage at the luxury spa. As night falls, guests can savour an exquisite four-course dinner or a private barbecue experience under the moonlit sky, curated by the talented culinary team.

For more information or to make a reservation, please visit, contact, or call +960 654 8888.


Empty nest? Reboot romance at Adaaran Prestige Vadoo



Discover the enchanting escape of Adaaran Prestige Vadoo, the perfect retreat for empty nesters, retirees, and couples eager to reconnect, relax and unwind. Located minutes away from the city, this Premium All-inclusive resort provides an idyllic backdrop surrounded by nature’s splendour.

At Adaaran Prestige Vadoo, the accommodations prioritise comfort and relaxation. Each overwater villa offers stunning views of the turquoise waters, with spacious interiors designed for a welcoming atmosphere. Whether you choose a Sunrise Villa or a Sunset Villa, each provides an immersive experience, complete with private decks ideal for sunbathing or enjoying the peaceful surroundings. Picture stepping out onto your deck with a book in hand, watching colourful fish swim beneath you, adding to the calm of your escape.

Dining at the resort is a culinary journey that caters to diverse palates. With three exquisite restaurants, couples can indulge in a variety of flavours throughout their stay. At Farivalhu Fine Dining Restaurant, savour delectable international cuisine prepared with fresh, local ingredients. The Kithmajima Japanese Restaurant offers an array of Japanese cuisine. Guest can experience the barefoot tranquility at the Kakuni Barefoot Restaurant. For a more casual atmosphere, Dhoni Bar and Kandolhi Bar offers light bites and refreshing drinks, perfect for enjoying between activities.

What’s more? The resort offers a collection of over 40 fine spirit and a selection of over 100 local and international cocktails along with selection of over 20 flavours of tea. At Adaaran Prestige Vadoo, each meal becomes a celebration, creating unforgettable moments shared over exquisite dishes. Picture you and yours sipping on handcrafted drinks while watching the sun dip below the horizon, creating a breathtaking backdrop for intimate conversations.

Indulging in the resort’s relaxing spa is a must for those seeking rejuvenation. The Mandara Spa offers a range of exquisite treatments designed to soothe the body and soul. From traditional Balinese massages to revitalising facials, each treatment is a journey of tranquility that allows couples to unwind and reconnect. Imagine sharing a calming couple’s massage, enveloped in serenity as skilled therapists melt away the stresses of everyday life, leaving you both refreshed and revitalised.

At Adaaran Prestige Vadoo, couples can immerse themselves in unforgettable experiences that deepen their connection. Picture yourselves exploring vibrant coral reefs during a guided snorkelling adventure, hand in hand as you discover the wonders of the underwater world. After a day of excitement, unwind with a private candlelit dinner on the beach, where the sound of gentle waves sets the perfect backdrop for intimate conversation.

As night falls, don’t miss the magical stargazing experience; lying side by side on soft sand, you can marvel at the shimmering constellations above, sharing dreams and stories under a blanket of stars. Whether enjoying a serene spa treatment or embarking on a sunset dolphin cruise, each moment invites you and yours to create lasting memories together in this idyllic paradise.

Adaaran Prestige Vadoo is more than just a resort; it is a sanctuary where love and connection flourish. Every aspect, from comfortable accommodations to culinary delights and rejuvenating spa treatments, is crafted to enhance your experience together. Here, in this idyllic paradise, couples can embrace the joy of togetherness and the beauty of the golden eve and create timeless memories that will last a lifetime.

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NH Collection Maldives Havodda Resort unveils dreamy wedding packages for paradise celebrations



Couples seeking an unforgettable destination wedding can look no further than NH Collection Maldives Havodda Resort. Nestled on a pristine island paradise, the resort offers a breathtaking backdrop for lovebirds to tie the knot.

Tailored to Perfection: From intimate beachfront ceremonies to grand celebrations under the stars, NH Collection Maldives Havodda Resort’s dedicated wedding planners bring your vision to life. With meticulously curated wedding packages catering to every detail, your special day will be nothing short of magical.

Exchange Vows in Paradise: Pledge your love at one of the resort’s stunning outdoor venues, each boasting panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. Secluded beach settings or lush garden locales – every corner is designed to inspire romance.

Luxurious Accommodations: Indulge in luxurious overwater villas and beachfront suites, offering unparalleled comfort and privacy for you and your guests. Modern amenities and breathtaking views create a serene retreat after a day of celebration.

Exquisite Dining: Delight your palate with personalized wedding menus crafted by talented chefs, or enjoy romantic beachside dinners. Every meal becomes a celebration of love and togetherness.

Enhance Your Experience: Pamper yourselves at the luxurious spa, dive into crystal-clear waters for snorkeling adventures, or unwind on pristine beaches. Your wedding extends beyond just one day, becoming a cherished journey.

Start Planning Today: Contact NH Collection Maldives Havodda Resort’s dedicated wedding specialists to discover customizable packages and create memories that will last a lifetime. Plan your dream island celebration today!

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Transformative honeymoon: Albertos’ blissful escape at Nika Island Resort & Spa



During their recent honeymoon in the heart of the Maldives, Mr. and Mrs. Alberto experienced an extraordinary retreat at Nika Island Resort & Spa, which focused on rejuvenation and connection. Their specially crafted retreat, the “Nika Longevity Treat,” offered a thoughtfully planned getaway that allowed them to detach from the digital world, rediscover their connection, deepen their bond, and enhance their well-being.

Private Yoga: Embracing the Day with Serenity

The day began at 8 AM with a private yoga session led by Vicky, who also served as their GRO. This serene experience took place on the deck of Aqua Alta, where the tranquility of the early morning enveloped the couple. The sun was just rising, birds were singing, and the gentle sound of waves provided a natural soundtrack. The session focused on harmonising mind and body through breathing techniques, setting a peaceful tone for the day ahead. The privacy and calmness of the setting allowed Mr. and Mrs. Alberto to immerse themselves fully in the practice, enhancing their mental clarity and physical vitality.

Floating Breakfast: Indulgence in Paradise

Following their yoga session, the couple was escorted to the Lotus Spa, where a floating breakfast awaited them. The sauna was perfectly heated, and the swimming pool’s temperature was just right. Towels and bath amenities were thoughtfully prepared. They enjoyed a couple of refreshing dips before savouring a delicious, healthy breakfast. Fresh fruits and homemade breads from Nika Island’s main kitchen added to the delight. After breakfast, they took an hour to simply relax, enjoying each other’s company and the serene environment. This unhurried moment of togetherness fostered a positive energy and love that they had rarely experienced before.

Couple Massage: Deep Relaxation and Connection

The highlight of their day was a 70-minute couple massage at the Lotus Spa. Hand in hand, Mr. and Mrs. Alberto embarked on this journey of relaxation. The skilled therapists applied the perfect pressure and employed techniques that ensured they reached a state of deep relaxation. The deep tissue massage focused on both mind and body, melting away any tension and stress. This shared experience not only rejuvenated them physically but also deepened their emotional connection.

A Digital Detox: Rejuvenation and Reconnection

The Nika Longevity Treat provided the couple with a much-needed digital detox, allowing them to spend quality time together without the distractions of modern technology. This package offered them a chance to rejuvenate and strengthen their bond as a couple. From beginning to end, the experience was filled with positive energy, love, and romance, reinforcing the true essence of their relationship.

Highlights of their Nika Longevity Treat:

  • Private yoga session by the deck of Aqua Alta
  • Floating breakfast at the Lotus Spa
  • Private swimming pool and sauna time
  • 70-minute couple massage

The Nika Longevity Treat at Nika Island Resort & Spa, Maldives, was more than just a getaway for Mr. and Mrs. Alberto; it was a transformative journey that enriched their lives and relationship. They left the island with a renewed sense of love, connection, and well-being, carrying with them the positive energy and memories that will last a lifetime.

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