Allied to Provide Diving Insurance in Maldives

Maldives Promotion House – DAN Europe foundation and Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives has announced the signing of a collaboration agreement for providing diving insurance in the Maldives.

This agreement has been made via DAN Europe’s own insurance company (International Diving Assurance Ltd). IDA will be supporting Allied with all the diving insurance specialist expertise accumulated over the years by the DAN Europe Group. This collaboration will comply with the new insurance laws in Maldives.

The relevant training, support and claims handing will be still provided by DAN Europe, in order to guarantee the service quality, which DAN Europe Group has become famous for over the years.

“This is certainly a very positive development for the Maldivian diving community, which will now be able to benefit from the full range of international services offered by DAN, in particular the promotion of and endeavours undertaken to improve safely in diving,” Dr Alessandro Marroni, Chairman of DAN Europe foundation said.

Maldivian divers will be able to apply for the annual memberships (Sport, Pro & Club) of DAN Europe and become DAN partners. Dive centres and clubs / resorts will also be able to give access to their foreign clients for short-term accident insurance whilst diving in the Maldives.

DAN will draw from the local expertise and presence of Allied which is the broadest based insurance company in Maldives. Allied’s statement said that they are delighted to add dive insurances to its portfolio of series, and will work with the diving community to enhance the level of series to local divers and tourists in Maldives.

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