HONORS LEGACY, Exceeding Expectations

Maldives Promotion House – There are yachts, and there is HONORS LEGACY. Hand built by locally renowned Offshore Architectures of Alifushi Island, an island locally known for its culture of producing legendary boat building talents. Designed and built under the direct supervision of Mr. Shujau the Chief Designer and Consultant of Offshore Architectures, HONORS LEGACY is a class ahead of its class.

The HONORS LEGACY was built with the highest attention to detail possible, by a handpicked team of local carpenters, giving it the unique and refreshing shape in which the yacht greets you. HONORS LEGACY is also the newest Luxury Yacht to grace the Maldivian Sea.

According to the builders, a special attention was given to the materials used in the building, in order to ensure that it becomes a one of a kind in catering to the luxury clientele. Tholan timber was used to create the super structure and all interiors were made with Kapur timber. All indoor ceilings were also furnished with original Italian padding along with fire retardant wall panels from South Korea.

Though not a giant, the custom design and the attention to detail makes HONORS LEGACY a modern day super yacht and a refreshing addition to the yacht designing circles around the world. The layout of the yacht is very carefully organized to preserve as much open space as possible to harmonize with the nature of its surroundings. Even the staff areas such as their cabins and staff lounge have spacious atmospheres.

HONORS LEGACY boasts 8 modern luxurious cabins. Air-conditioned with modern and comfy interiors and fittings, en-suite bathrooms with fresh hot and cold waters, mini bar, safe and Full HD TV with DVD players, these modern boutique suites are spacious with the 6 State Suites of 12sqm each and 2 Ocean view Suites measuring 20sqm each. A total of 20 guests could be accommodated with extra beds suites and two of the staterooms.

HONORS LEGACY has outdoor and indoor dining facilities with the trendy marble tables and genuine leather chairs that offer a cozy environment in the air-conditioned saloon. The dining area at the rear end of the main deck enables you to get the spectaculars views of the Maldives. Breakfast, lunch and dinner meals are served on buffet with international and local cuisines prepared onboard.

It is one of the most elegantly built luxury motor yachts in the Maldives and is custom made for the passionate water sports enthusiasts. Having a wide range of equipment for scuba diving charters, surfing trips and fishing cruises and with an experienced crew onboard assures your charters are well delivered with preplanned itineraries to suite the purpose of the charters.

The yacht is designed to meet and exceed the high expectation of even the weathered traveler or anyone coming to Maldives looking for a journey of a lifetime on an exclusive yacht, Robinson Crusoe style.

Established in 2004, Honors Club Maldives Pvt Ltd is a company based in the Republic of Maldives and is a destination management company that specializes in offering individualized and personalized vacationing opportunities for people all over the world.

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