Five Passenger Line Ships to Arrive Next Month

Maldives Promotion House – Maldives Association of Yacht Operators has announced that a total of five passenger line ships will arrive at the Malé port next month.

According to the association the five passenger lines will arrive at the Malé port between the 1st and 5th of next month, making it a record breaking amount.

“If the circumstances at on Malé are acceptable, we plan to port the passenger lines at the Malé port. However if conditions in Malé are not desirable we will have to port them at a different location. Restaurants, the local market and even taxis will benefit from the passenger lines, because they will bring in a lot of tourists,” an official from the association said.

While a passenger line usually brings in 1500 tourists, one passenger line planned to arrive next month will bring in 2800 tourists. The association has also confirmed that a total of over 8000 tourists will visit Malé via the passenger lines next month.

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