Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives hosts memorable Kite Festival for in-house guests

Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives, a property under Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts – Sri Lanka’s leading hospitality chain – recently completed yet another successful Kite Festival for its in-house guests.

The coveted Maldives resort true to its reputation as a world-renowned adventure and family island embodied the spirit of relaxation and family togetherness with over 50 traditional and modern kite designs brightening up the coast and skies of the island.

“Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives prides itself in providing an exceptional holiday experience to pamper the modern traveller through lavish relaxation and unique experiences,” General Manager Sanjeeva Perera said.

“Located a mere 20 minutes from Male, our adventure island guarantees action-packed water sports and endless fun for every type of thrill seeker, in search of a truly unique vacation that brings together the best of sun, sand, sea and excitement.”

The Kite Festival was set to the backdrop of the cool ocean breeze, breathtaking orange sun, rippling blue ocean waves, and offered a mix of traditional and modern kite designs, with opportunities for guests to experience art & local culture coupled with world-class entertainment.

Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives also offered guests the opportunity to partake in kite-making and flying competitions (‘Best Kite’, ‘Furthest Flown Kite’, ‘Fancy dress like a kite’) including activities such as face painting and childrens’ games, conducted under strict Covid-19 health & safety regulations and the ‘Cinnamon Care’ program – The Cinnamon Standard for Care and Cleanliness.

“Overall the Kite Festival was a resounding success in which we were able to ensure our guests continued to enjoy their slice of paradise, despite the challenges, while adhering to the necessary safety and health guidelines in place. It is our prerogative that whilst we must ensure the safety of not only our guests, but also our staff, that we do not falter to find new, innovative ways to provide guests with safe outlets to enjoy their holiday with us,” Perera said.

“At Cinnamon we continue to push the boundary to constantly innovate – putting guests needs, safety above all. I am pleased that we were able to create yet another inspiring moment for our guests in accordance with the brand ethos of Cinnamon. We originally began the Kite Festival in 2018, and are pleased to have been able to continue in this annual tradition even under the prevailing conditions.”

The implementation of the Cinnamon Standard for Care and Cleanliness throughout all Cinnamon properties ensures the delivery of a safe and unobtrusive experience for guests, with strict measures in place according to domestic and World Health Organisation guidelines.

Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts is Sri Lanka’s largest hotel owner with a portfolio of 15 hotels and resorts in both Sri Lanka and the Maldives with a passion for style and a penchant for fun. Adding to its portfolio, the much-anticipated project valued at $1 billion Cinnamon Life Integrated Resort, will be opening in mid-2022.

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