Once-in-a-lifetime experiences at The Nautilus Maldives

In the wake of the world reopening after an unprecedented year, The Nautilus has crafted the ultimate ultra-itinerary to satisfy your bucket list wishes in the Maldives.

Ticking off every unimaginable experience possible, the uber-private ultra-luxe bohemian island hideaway located at the heart of Maldives’ renowned Baa Atoll, is able to tailor your journey of a lifetime, one that truly enriches mind, body and soul.

Whether you prefer adrenaline-fuelled adventures or traditional Maldivian escapades, The Nautilus’ unrivalled ‘’unscripted’’ lifestyle concept allows you to create your schedule exactly to what suits you best. From skydiving at heights of 12,000ft above the Indian Ocean to marvel at and joining the manta rays in their timeless dance at the marine protected area and world-renowned Hanifaru Bay, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, just a 15 minute short and comfortable yacht ride from The Nautilus.

The Nautilus is all about bespoke experiences and hyper-personalisation. Offering liberation and freedom unconditional in every step of your journey, YOU are the creator of “a world of your own making”.

At the very minimum, however, your ultra-itinerary should include a stay in The Nautilus’ 922sqm Mansion that can accommodate up to six of your loved ones, a three-bedroom castle on the sand with your private infinity pool and situated on the most spectacular spot on the beach.

The Mansion is kitted out with custom furnishings created from hand-selected objets d’art and materials of highest quality.

Your ultimate vacation at The Nautilus can include:

  • a unique crystal singing bowl holistic spa treatment at full moon that supports you to experience increased states of peace and clarity
  • Classic Maldivian big game fishing on The Nautilus’ special luxury boat, fully equipped with all the best modern game fishing gadgets where you could catch species as large as sails fish
  • Snorkelling at Hanifaru Bay, the largest known manta feeding station amidst the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve or diving around the 40+ world-class Baa atoll dive sites with a great chance of seeing manta rays and potentially even whale sharks
  • A venturesome escape to a nearby turtle reef; an adrenaline-seeking sky dive
  • An Indian Ocean adventure trip to a secluded and private sandbank aboard one of The Nautilus’ yachts built with the most luxurious and high-spec fittings and furnishings or your very private seaplane

On your secluded and private sandbank you can enjoy a romantic sunset cocktail and dinner, movie screening and even sleep under the stars too followed by sunrise yoga and champagne breakfast upon your awakening — and of course the resort’s 64 foot yacht is always at disposal throughout this once-in-a-lifetime experience; a sustainability focused coral planting activity and, if you are working abroad, you can even include The Nautilus’ workation offerings with a private sand-bank office setup.

Similar experience packages start from 175,000 USD for seven nights and two guests in The Nautilus Mansion.

For information on more bucket list worthy experiences and to co-create your absolutely bespoke ultra-itinerary contact The Nautilus team at hello@thenautilusmaldives.com or visit www.thenautilusmaldives.com.

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