Park Hyatt Maldives Initiates Hadahaa Thrive Program

Maldives Promotion House – Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa has initiated their Hadahaa Thrive program, a community development initiative. The program enables the Hadahaa team to continue to contribute to their communities despite living away from home. Through their knowledge and awareness of their islands’ community and industry and sustainability they will enable greater connectivity between the resort and neighbouring islands.

Through better understanding of the island industries, employment opportunities and communities they will introduce the wealth of relevant skills and knowledge held by the employees. They will also provide guidance and support, looking for ways to improve their lives and livelihoods. At the same time they will also open up a unique channel for the employees to add value to their communities.

The focus will be on long term personal and business development that will enrich the local communities and enable the resort to purchase the high quality local produce and handicrafts, maintain sustainable work practices, as well as hire new recruits. Based on the number of staff they have from each of the neighbouring islands, they selected Gemanafushi and Dhandoo as their first program communities.

The program will focus on improving four main areas to start with.

  • Business Development – Agriculture and Handicrafts
  • Career Development  – Career Advise, Job Application through to job development
  • Hospitality – Development of skills and aspirations to succeed in the hospitality industry
  • Environment – Provision of education and guidance to ensure sustainable and environmental awareness to support the long term maintenance of the islands natural resources and biodiversity
  • Social Awareness – Health advice and drug awareness
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