Dhiraagu to introduce AI-powered hotel voice assistant WooHoo

Dhiraagu is collaborating with SmartBeings Inc and Leia Inc to introduce WooHoo, a contactless Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered voice assistant for the hospitality industry.

SmartBeings Inc is a Silicon Valley-based company and the developer of WooHoo, an award-winning enterprise voice AI assistant speaker for the hospitality industry.

The WooHoo voice AI assistant speakers (powered by JBL by Harman) brings the convenience to order and personalise guest needs quickly and efficiently using their voice commands.

“We are excited to collaborate with Dhiraagu, the leading digital service provider in the Maldives,” Himanshu Kaul, the Chief Innovation Officer at SmartBeings Inc, said.

“With a huge demand for Contactless solutions, WooHoo is powered by next-generation cognitive AI platform where brands can customise and redefine a luxurious experience with the power of voice.”

Leia Inc is the leading provider of Lightfield hardware and content services for mobile devices. Leia’s Lume Pad is the first 3D Lightfield Tablet in the world that lets you experience 3D imagery with a natural sensation of depth and feel for textures, materials, and lights — no eyewear required.

The Lume Pad — Hospitality Edition will fully integrate with WooHoo’s platform to help upsell in-room services and further uplift the guest experience.

“We are excited to bring Lightfield imagery to the world of luxury hospitality through this partnership,” David Fattal, Leia Inc’s co-founder and CEO, said.

“Combining voice commands and holographic interactions creates the perfect marriage to elevate the guest experience and create new revenue streams for hoteliers.”

As the Covid-19 pandemic has heavily impacted the hospitality industry across the globe, it is a common understanding that the tourism landscape will not be the same even after the lockdowns and travel restrictions have been lifted.

The road to recovery will be even far more challenging and to navigate through that, Dhiraagu is introducing WooHoo — a platform which will help minimise the need for physical contact, provide tele-health services, and enable guest requests to be attended via a voice assistant.

“We are happy to be collaborating with Silicon Valley companies like SmartBeings Inc and their partners Leia Inc to offer a contactless voice assistant, to support our hospitality partners where they can digitise their guest experience in resorts, rooms, restaurants, beaches, entertainment, and daily tasks,” Mahmoud Dasser, the Chief Marketing Officer at Dhiraagu, said.

“We want to help them connect and optimise their operations while they ensure the guests are safe when delivering a luxurious experience.”

WooHoo is integrated with more than 40+ hospitality solutions like property management systems, in-room automation, housekeeping, point of sales systems, and PBX.

With WooHoo and Dhiraagu’s smart hospitality solutions, hotel guests can now order food and beverages, toiletries, play music, get instant answers to their queries, call reception and control room temperature, lighting, or curtains, among other many interactions, through a simple voice command.

Dhiraagu has continued to bring innovative business solutions to its customers. The expansion of a comprehensive product portfolio and collaborative partnerships are a true testament to Dhiraagu’s commitment to enriching lives through digital services.

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