Bridging The Capital

Maldives Promotion House – According to the President’s Office the cabinet has decided to proceed with the construction of a bridge between Malé and Hulhulé. The government has stated that the project will be carried out under the Malé decongestion plans to provide affordable housing for the people and to resolve other social issues.

Hulhulé and Hulhumalé are two island districts of the Capital City Malé and one of the major hurdles to the decongestion plans are the waters separating the two islands. The plans released by the government shows three possible options. While bridging the gap between the two islands will definitely be a major part of the plan the government has not yet revealed a schedule for the project.

The government has however noted that overseas experts have done a preliminary survey since the mid 2011 and confirmed the viability of the project. The experts have also estimated a total cost between USD 70 to 100 million, for the project.

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