Tiger sharks, oceanic mantas and more: Go on an unchartered adventure in Fuvahmulah

About a 50-minute flight away from capital Male lies one of the least explored gems in the Maldives: the island of Fuvahmulah.

Being the only one-island atoll and the third largest natural island in the Maldives, Fuvahmulah features a diverse range of habitats. From tropical woodlands, wetlands, freshwater lakes and well-vegetated marshland areas to white sandy beaches of different variations and pebble texture plus gravel beaches, this islet a natural wonderland.

Two freshwater lakes in the island plus the many number of swamps and marshland areas in the island give habitat to different plant and animal species not to be found anywhere else in the Maldives.

Fuvahmulah’s uniqueness is not only limited to what can be observed within the island. The allure of this solitary island-atoll goes beyond what can be observed with the naked eyes, as well as its rich heritage and culture. Off the shore and below the waterline lie majestic creatures of different varieties, some of which are hard to find from elsewhere in the Maldives.

Fuvahmulah is most famous for its resident tiger sharks that can be observed everyday throughout the whole year! While the exact number of tiger sharks in Fuvahmulah is unknown, some estimate that the population may be around 200.

Although Fuvahmulah is known for its tiger sharks, it offers even more for enthusiastic divers! Here, divers will be treated to seven types of rare sharks in one dive! See dozens of tiger sharks a day, and observe thresher sharks in the shallow cleaning stations all day long, as well as abundant black oceanic mantas and mobula.

Encounter gorgeous schools of great and scalloped hammerheads, giant whale sharks and Mola-Mola! Fuvahmulah is the only place on the planet where you can see all of these majestic pelagics together year-round in their natural environment!

Fuvahmulah opened up for regular tourism not too long ago. Due to its distance from Male, the atoll’s dive sites and underwater world are still being explored and discovered. That means it offers the unique opportunity to dive at the barely touched reefs and stay in quiet new guesthouses and hotels.

If you’re visiting Fuvahmulah, Pelagic Divers is the the place to choose for an incredible underwater adventure. Alongside dive courses, the PADI-certified dive centre offers daily dive excursions to the world famous dive spots located within the one-island atoll.

The dive school is lead by PADI Instructor Ahmed Inah, a native of Fuvahmulah for whom the surrounding sea had always been his backyard. He has been in the dive profession for the last 14 years and has managed numerous five-star dive centres across the archipelago.

So, spend a week away from the madding crowds and dive off Fuvahmulah, under the careful guidance of Pelagic Divers’ multi-lingual PADI-certified instructors, on the lookout for the Indian Ocean’s larger residents! This unique and uncharted adventure has it all: impeccable natural beauty, pristine reefs, oceanic mantas and rare sharks!

Photos: Ahmed Inah/ Pelagic Divers

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